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River Fund Coat Drive; Call Cuomo Mondays: NO to Fracked Gas Infrastructure: Keep Organic Standards Strong; Tell Monsanto to Stop Using Toxic Pesticides; Harmful Household Items to Throw Away NOW

The River Fund Food Pantry is Having a Coat Drive: Donate To Help Others in Need. The River Fund Food Pantry is the non-profit organization I partner with for my Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking events and coat drives. Well… they … Read More

Stand Against Jeff Sessions’ War on Drugs; Stop the Deregulation of Animal Welfare Rules; Puerto Rico in Their Time of Crisis; Call today to Support Organics; Say NO to Offshore Drilling; Protect Grand Canyon Watershed

Spread the Word So We Can Stop this Anti-Marijuana Crusade  Jeff Sessions is trying to restart another ‘war on drugs’ and this time its marijuana. We know that it is the low-income communities and communities of color mostly who suffer … Read More

Tell Congress to Fund Research for Organics; Net Neautrality is Not Dead, Sign Your Name to Protect Our Rights; Submit Your Comments and Demand Food Labels NOW

Let’s Get Organic Ag Research Funded in the 2018 Farm Bill: Sign Your Name HERE Although the demand for Organic agricultural products has increased, our domestic production of them has not. According to the Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) and other … Read More

Millions Against Monsanto; Support Food and Water Watch

All Monsanto wanted for Christmas was another gift from the U.S. EPA- they got it! Sure enough, the EPA ignored mountains of research denying the harmful effects of Monsanto’s products. To the contrary, the EPA just proclaimed that Monsanto’s Roundup … Read More

Science not Silence; Protect Organic Standards; Support Sane Energy; Call Cuomo Mondays

Still looking for a meaningful gift to give this Holiday Season? Give Your Support to Science. With recent news concerning the recent barring of certain words including “science-based,” “fetus,” “transgender” and “vulnerable,” in agency budget documents by officials at the … Read More

Resist Bayer-Monsanto Merger; Protect the Bees; Get Ready for 2018 Protest

Donate to Friends of the Earth (FOE): Help to Save the Bees and the Butterflies “A new study found that 75% of the world’s honey is contaminated with bee-killing pesticides. This shows how much control pesticide companies have over our … Read More

Make Your Holiday Gift Donation Today; Help to Defend Our Monuments; Say NO to Development of Preserved Land;

In our current state of affairs, politically and socially, there are many important issues for you to stand behind and get involved with, today! Please consider the good you can do when we stand together for justice, peace, and love. … Read More

Stand Up for Science; Support Long Island Greenmarket; Ban Toxic Chemicals from Your Home; Resist BigAg From Taking Control of Our Food

Stand Up for Science: Demand an Investigation into Pruitt’s Decision to Remove Scientists from EPA Advisory Board “As the head of Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt is shameless in his quest to get rid of environmental protections. In … Read More

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