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Take Action: Volunteer for an Organization You Are Passionate About; Speak Out Against Fracking and the Keystone Pipeline

Use some of the below links to donate or volunteer during this holiday season with an organization you feel connected to, or want to know more about. The River Fund NY- The River Fund’s mission “to feed and empower those we serve … Read More

Take Action: Call Cuomo to Ban Fracking, Is McDonald’s Secret Ingredient Deforestation?, Say NO to GMO Salmon in the US

Ban Fracking Now – Call In Day On Wednesday, November 19th, New Yorkers Against Fracking will be having a Call-In-Day of Action, asking Cuomo to stand up for the health of New Yorkers. Can you call Governor Cuomo and ask … Read More

Take Action: What’s in Our Coffee?; What’s in Our Food?; Keep Fighting Keystone Pipeline and the Algonquin Pipeline

Starbucks Joins Lawsuit Against the State of Vermont Hiding behind the “Grocery Manufacturers Association,” Starbucks has teamed up with Monsanto to support a lawsuit aiming to block the landmark law that requires genetically-modified (GMO) ingredients be labeled.  They claim this … Read More

Take Action: 1000 Gardens in Africa, Expose the TPP

Not Just Any Garden Slow Food is embarking on an ambitious project to create food gardens in every Terra Madre community across Africa, assisting them in their work to cultivate more sustainable and healthy regions. The “Thousand Gardens in Africa” … Read More

Take Action: Say NO to Port Ambrose LNG Terminal, Say YES to Wind Power, Debate About Open-Ocean Oragnic Fish

Tell Governor Cuomo to Veto the Port Ambrose LNG Terminal:  Protect our Coastline Port Ambrose is a proposed offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal located near the entrance to the New York/New Jersey Harbor.  The proposed site overlaps with two … Read More

Take Action: Harms of Too Much Sugar, Too Much Bad Air, Our Homes Are Toxic

Call on the Surgeon General to Curb Sugar Consumption From diabetes to heart disease, throughout the country there is an unprecedented increase in diet-related chronic illnesses.  Many of these stem from eating too much sugar, most of which hides in … Read More

Take Action: Stop the Toxic Madness, Palm Oil Destroys Forests

Tell President Obama:  Stop the Toxic Madness! Any day now, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to approve Dow Chemical’s “Enlist Duo,” a highly toxic herbicide made from a combination of glyphosate (the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup) and … Read More

Take Action: Global Frackdown, Take a Stand for Pollinators

Global Frackdown this Saturday in Long Beach Every day more and more people are learning about the negative effects of fracking; even still, more and more lives are destroyed by these effects. No one’s health should suffer!  We are calling … Read More

Take Action: Stand up for Honeybees, Keep those Moths Away

Image for Take Action:  Stand up for Honeybees, Keep those Moths Away

Stop Syngenta’s Radical New Bee-Killing Pesticide Plan Competitor of Monsanto, Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta, is requesting permission from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase the amount of bee-killing pesticide it uses on alfalfa corn, barley and wheat.  The pesticide, … Read More

Take Action: Reduce Carbon Pollution, End the Overuse of Antibiotics on Factory Farms

Image for Take Action: Reduce Carbon Pollution, End the Overuse of Antibiotics on Factory Farms

Reduce Carbon Pollution The Carbon Rule (effecting existing power plants) is our last, best hope for progress by President Obama against the pollution that is causing climate change.  This week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a 45 day delay … Read More

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