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Tell Big Ag Not to Pollute Drinking Water; Call Your Representative, Say NO to Tax cuts for the Wealthy;

House of Representatives is Giving Big Ag the Green Light to Poison our Water. “Factory farms routinely dump toxic animal manure and other pollutants into our waterways. They help fuel algal blooms. And they harm the health of the communities who … Read More

Voice Your Concern About Tax Plan NOW; Fight Youth Targeted Junk Food Advertising; Find the GMO Apple, A Scavenger Hunt

Republican Tax Plan Jeopardizes the Environmental Protection Agency “House Republicans released their plan to give a tax handout to the richest 1% and giant corporations — from Big Oil to Monsanto. This plan would lead to a massive increase in … Read More

Ban Chlorpyrifos; Keep the Soil in Organics; Clovis Investigation Creates Pressure for USDA

Organic Consumers Association Reminds Us of What is at Stake With Chemicals Like Chlorpyrifos In November 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally took steps to ban chlorpyrifos, an agricultural pesticide known to be especially harmful to people having regular, consistent contact, … Read More

Sandy 5 March and Remembrance; Friends of the Earth; Support Environmental Working Group

“Communities across the city will remember, resist, and rise together.” On October 28th, you have a chance to assemble and march over the Brooklyn Bridge, and then rally at the Alfred E. Smith Houses in Manhattan. More details here.  Sandy 5 March … Read More

Let Restaurants Know They’re Serving Up TOO Much Sodium; Be Loud and Proud, Support the Clean Power Plan

Watch the MilliGrammy Awards and See What Salt is Served WOW! You’ve got to watch this ‘awards ceremony’ for restaurant meals with eXtreme amounts of sodium… The winner’s (or losers, if you see it my way) have insanely high levels!!! … Read More

Stand Up and Speak Out; Protect Clean Water, Air, and Soil; Help Fight Lateral Pipeline; Urge Retailers to Offer Healthier Checkout Options

Stand Up and Speak Out For Clean Water, Air, and Soil In recent news, such as Pruitt’s proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan, and the overall attack on our food system by way of corporate greed and takeover, the certainty of whether our … Read More

Sandy5 March for Awareness; October Challenge: Eat LOCAL, Eat ORGANIC; Plan a #giveHealthyFoodDrive

Sandy5 March for Awareness COMING OCT. 28th On October 28th, New Yorker’s will come together to remember the lives lost and the damage incurred from Sandy. And we will do more than remember: we will demand our representatives go beyond the … Read More

Long Island Activists Grow to Take Action NOW; Submit Your Comments for Clean Drinking Water; Help Save the BEES; Boycott Ben and Jerry’s, Say What?

Long Island Activists Continue to Grow in Membership and Help Locals Take Action Today My guest this week, Steven Cecchini, is local community organizer and member of Long Island Activists working to save the Affordable Care Act and bring awareness … Read More

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