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Take Action: Emergency Protest Against the TPP, Stop Lying About High Fructose Corn Syrup, Protect Seed Libraries

Emergency Protest to Stop the TPP TPP negotiators will be meeting in New York City starting January 26. The corporate media is telling the world that Fast Track legislation is a done deal. We must show them that it isn’t. … Read More

Take Action: Stop Keystone XL, Advocate for Clean Energy

President Obama Must Make a Decision The Nebraska Supreme Court just announced a ruling that upholds the Keystone XL route. The past year has made it clearer than ever that Keystone XL is a climate disaster that fails the test … Read More

Take Action: Attend the Only NY Port Ambrose LNG Public Hearing, Help Overturn Citizens United, How L’Oreal Can Prevent Cancer

Join with NYC Grassroots Alliance to Oppose LNG Terminal Port Ambrose is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) marine port proposed for the ocean off Long Beach/Jones Beach/Rockaways, in the same location where a wind farm is proposed. Liquefied natural gas … Read More

Take Action: Get on the Bus, Save Local and Organic Farmers, Come Help Cook

Help Keep Our Water, Food, and Environment Safe, Clean and Sustainable On January 7th, Slow Food North Shore along with Long Island-People’s Climate March, New Yorkers Against Fracking, and Food and Water Watch will stand outside Governor Cuomo’s State of … Read More

Take Action: Stand up Against Hunger on Long Island, Tell Cuomo No Fracking in New York State

Many Ways to Get Involved in Feeding our Neighbors Each and every one of us needs food, young and old, rich and poor alike.  And yet, some of us have less access to food or don’t know the importance of … Read More

Take Action: Stand Up for Local Sustainable Food, Tell EPA Not to Support Nuclear

FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act Could Squash Local, Sustainable Food, Unless YOU Help! The proposed Produce Standards and Protective Controls Rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act could squash local, sustainable food, unless you help by sending your comment to … Read More

Take Action: Volunteer for an Organization You Are Passionate About; Speak Out Against Fracking and the Keystone Pipeline

Use some of the below links to donate or volunteer during this holiday season with an organization you feel connected to, or want to know more about. The River Fund NY- The River Fund’s mission “to feed and empower those we serve … Read More

Take Action: Call Cuomo to Ban Fracking, Is McDonald’s Secret Ingredient Deforestation?, Say NO to GMO Salmon in the US

Ban Fracking Now – Call In Day On Wednesday, November 19th, New Yorkers Against Fracking will be having a Call-In-Day of Action, asking Cuomo to stand up for the health of New Yorkers. Can you call Governor Cuomo and ask … Read More

Take Action: What’s in Our Coffee?; What’s in Our Food?; Keep Fighting Keystone Pipeline and the Algonquin Pipeline

Starbucks Joins Lawsuit Against the State of Vermont Hiding behind the “Grocery Manufacturers Association,” Starbucks has teamed up with Monsanto to support a lawsuit aiming to block the landmark law that requires genetically-modified (GMO) ingredients be labeled.  They claim this … Read More

Take Action: 1000 Gardens in Africa, Expose the TPP

Not Just Any Garden Slow Food is embarking on an ambitious project to create food gardens in every Terra Madre community across Africa, assisting them in their work to cultivate more sustainable and healthy regions. The “Thousand Gardens in Africa” … Read More

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