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In the News: Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State

 According to Science, Fracking is Unsafe: “I am not a scientist,” states Governor Andrew Cuomo. “I’m not an environmental expert. I’m not a health expert. I’m a lawyer. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an environmentalist. I’m not a scientist. … Read More

In the News: Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market, No Update to New Dietary Guidelines, Healthy Soil Vital to Life on Earth, Corporations Once Again Rule School Cafeterias

Just because the snow has started . . . Fresh food is not lost.  Find your local Winter Farmer’s Market.  Continue supporting local farms.  Continue eating organically throughout the cold season.  Check out Northport, Huntington, Massapequa, Bridgehampton, Long Beach. A … Read More

In the News: Benefits of “Slow Medicine”, Rate of Strokes Increasing in Pregnant Women, Hunger in America

Medical Version of Slow Food Movement Those of us accustomed to Slow Food know that cooking, nutrition, and eating are best as intentional, mindful, and substantive activities.  We believe the process is as important as the product, and avoid fast … Read More

In the News: UN Climate Conference in Lima, European Report Regarding Fracking, Obama’s Climate Stance

Global Climate Change Talks Kick Off in Lima, Peru, This Week Delegates from around the world started negotiations Monday, December 1st, trying to reach an agreement to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions that cause rising temperatures.  Delegates, known as COP 20 … Read More

In the News: Know More About Your Meat, Our Right to Know About GMO

Recently, Food Tank published a quick guide, “Rethinking Industrial Animal Production,” detailing the significant and far reaching consequences of a food system dominated by industrial animal production. Food Tank:  The Food Think Tank, envisions building a global community for safe, … Read More

In the News: New Science Says a Healthier Diet is Best for the Climate, US and China Shake Hands on Climate Deal, US Leads the World on Wind Energy Production

Dietary Habits and Food Choices Impact Climate Using about 50 years’ worth of data from the world’s 100 most populous countries, University of Minnesota Professor of Ecology G. David Tilman and graduate student Michael Clark show how current diet trends … Read More

In the News: Let the Earth Helps Us Save the Earth; Republican Majority in the House Works Against EPA; Denmark Set Sights at 50% Renewable by 2020, What’s Wrong with the USA?

Climate Tools Seek to Bend Nature’s Path One solution to global warming lies right beneath our feet.  Olivine, a green-tinted mineral found in abundance around the world, when exposed to the elements gradually absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Dr. … Read More

In the News: The Promising Future of Wind Power; The Latest Warning on Global Warming

Sails Filled by Strong Wind Support Warren Buffett, as chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., has invested $15 billion into wind-farm projects since his acquisition of a utility company in 2000 which he has built into one of the country’s largest … Read More

In the News: Environmental Working Group Announces New Food Score Card, LEGO to stop building with Oil, Local Water Knowledge

Environmental Working Group’s Food Score Card: Rate Your Plate It’s finally here! More than three years in the making, EWG’s Food Scores: Rate Your Plate, the most comprehensive food database available today, is ready to help guide you to healthier, … Read More

In the News: Children Eating Real Food, Power of Food in Politics, Whole Foods Rating System

What Kids Eat Do you have kids who make a face at you every time you set food in front of them?  This past week’s New York Times Magazine includes a few articles addressing the sensitive palate of our children.  … Read More

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