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Democrats Propose Green New Deal; The Insect Apocalypse is Here How Will It Affect the Earth?; Chemicals on Our Food When Safe May Not Really Be Safe

House Democrats Propose a “Green New Deal” to help fight Climate Change  House Representative-Elect Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is already stirring things up in Congress. She recently rolled out a proposal for a “Green New Deal”, which is a plan for the … Read More

Trump Administration is Trying to Bury Results of Climate Change Report; America Cannot Eat With Out Immigrants; Too Much Caffeine May Stress The Heart

Trump Administration Attempts to Bury the Results of Congress Mandated US Climate Change Report In lieu of the results of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report this past October, there has been an increased global awareness of the … Read More

Not all Organic is Created Equal, Insect Populations Around the World Are Declining – Should We Be Worried?, California Passes Landmark Farm Animal Regulations and Protections

Organic Regulations Are Being Exploited And As Consumers We Need To Support Better Farming Processes For a Better Food System              Many consumers are becoming more informed on the state of our current food system, … Read More

National Grocery Store Announces Line of “Ugly Produce” To Combat Food Waste; How to Eat to Combat Climate Change; NYC Bans Styrofoam Containers For Good!

Kroger Launches “Ugly Produce” Program to Combat Food Waste Food waste is definitely getting it’s moment in the sun right now, as citizens, governments, and companies are realizing how important it is for our future to reduce food waste, and … Read More

Learn the “FoodPrint” of Beef; EPA Considering Allowing Oil Companies to Dump Waste in Rivers; European Parliament Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastic!

Find Out How Much Beef Effects Our Environment, with the Beef FoodPrint!  The US Beef Industry is the biggest in the world. Beef is still one of the top eaten meats in our world, but it is no longer a … Read More

Maseca Flour found to have Glyphosate!; Eating Organic Shown To Cut Cancer Risk!: Learn Ways to Fight Food Waste in Your Own Kitchen!

Maseca Corn Flour Found to Have Glyphosate in Report  Yet another vital ingredient in our food system, Maseca Corn Flour has been found to have high traces of Glyphosate, a chemical found in Monsanto’s weedkiller RoundUp. Maseca is a popular Mexican … Read More

Big Agriculture Found to Be Funding PR Lobbying Companies That Support Their Cause; The Benefits of Lemon Water; NYC Low Income Schools are Teaching Kids to Grow Their Own Food

Don’t Believe Everything You Read! Big Agriculture has Been Found To Be Behind Cornell Alliance for Science It is sad that we live in a day and age where we cannot believe what we read, but yet again there is … Read More

An App to Help Curb Food Waste!; Immigrants Using Federal Food Programs May Be Denied Green Cards; Glyphosate Could be Killing Honey Bee’s; Landmark UN Report Urges the World to Make a Change Now to Fight Climate Change;

Brooklyn-based App Seeks to Help Create A Solution For Food Waste in Retail Food Spaces  1.3 Billion tons of food is wasted each year. Though household food waste is a problem, restaurant and retail market’s waste makes up a larger … Read More

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