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MLK-National Day of Service in Food History; Camps Offer Obese Children Reprieve; Swiss Lobsters Now Suffer Less Pain, Maybe; Obesity Among Pets, All Unhappy and Unhealthy

Feeding the Civil Rights Movement: Georgia Gilmore Spotlighted The story of Rosa Parks, when she refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Ala. bus in December 1955, has long been proselytized as the spark, or, at least one of … Read More

2018 is the Year to Rise and Regenerate; Trump Opens Up Our Shores to Oil Drilling

Local Consumers Can Support Our Rise to Regenerate Our Earth In response to the predominant support for industrial agriculture whether it be Big Ag and Food stakeholders or the politicians who cozy up in their back pocket, even consumers like … Read More

Get Your Fiber, Get it Daily; Food-tracking Apps Can Help with Weight-Loss, Possibly; Cuomo Proposes “No Student Goes Hungry Program” for 2018

Scientists Learn Exactly Why Fiber is Good for You The term “dietary fiber” refers to the indigestible molecules or compounds of plants that we cannot break down ourselves. Yet the billions of bacteria lining our gut do. In fact, according … Read More

Combat Diabetes, Say No to Junk Food; EPA Drops Bans Against Harmful Chemicals

The Fight Against Junk Food As Diabetes Rises in India India is “sitting on a volcano” of diabetes, as NY Times reports more people in India are likely to develop diabetes from weight gain than people in other regions due … Read More

Sexual Misconduct in the Restaurant Industry; Small Farmers Resisting Trump

High-Stress Industry Fosters Increased Inequality “Earlier this week, Batali announced that he is stepping away from his restaurant empire and taking leave from his cooking show after reports of sexual harassment over a 20-year period. Ken Friedman, founder of the … Read More

Great News, Democrat Doug Jones Wins in Alabama! Bipartisan Farm Bill Picks Up Steam; Mini-Combustion As Tool For Food Processing; Mexico Saddled with Short End of the Stick, but Tall Order of Sick After Nafta;

Doug Jones wins big in Alabama, defeating the sexual pervert, Republican Roy Moore Bipartisan Bill Might Seed the Future of Organic Farming by Civil Eats “The last Farm Bill cost taxpayers an estimated $489 billion. But less than 1 percent … Read More

Economists Join Public Opinion That Arctic Drilling is a Bad Idea; Soybean Yields More Harm than Good; Web Portal Crowdsourcing Food Poison Reports; Reject the Anti-Farm and Food Tax Bill;

Economists Join the Fight Against Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge “Big Oil always talks about ANWR being the “holy grail” of Arctic drilling that will bring untold riches, but the reality is likely to be very different. In October, … Read More

Massimo Bottura Tells All About Food Waste; Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes; The Rise of ‘Halal’ Business

“Less Waste, More Taste: A Master Chef Reimagines Thanksgiving Leftovers” Massimo Bottura might be a name that you’ve heard of before, especially if you’ve watched the Italian chef’s episode of the Chef’s Table or his Netflix’s documentary, Theatre of Life. And whether he’s … Read More

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