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UK Doctors Caution Parents About Screen Time for Kids! What Do You Want Your Children to Imitate?

I can’t help but notice children, all children. I love watching them, especially when they don’t know your looking. One thing I have been especially aware of lately, is how many adorable moments go by without the parent seeing it. … Read More

The Business of Drugs and Keeping People Sick! I Prefer Food as Medicine!

You know we have gone too far when top doctors are being paid off by big pharmaceutical companies to push drugs onto the  public, or when the known dangers of a particular drug are kept hidden for the sake of … Read More

Can a Gut Full of Microbes Help Your Mental State?

In a NY Times article today, it appears that the link between the microbial bacteria in your gut, can have enormous effects on your brain! Who would have thought! For years we have heard about the blood-brain barrier as a … Read More

How Safe is Your Food During the Government Shutdown?

Did you know the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is one of the agency’s effected by the government shutdown? It’s true! 41% of the 17,000 FDA employees are furloughed, so they needed to halt inspections on  domestic food! They just … Read More

José Andrés Comes to the Rescue Again! This Time, It is For Federal Workers During the Shutdown!

The chef, restaurateur, and humanitarian, José Andrés, will be coming to the rescue again, not to cook for people surviving a natural emergency disaster, but to cook for US federal workers suffering under President Trump’s self made emergency, in his … Read More

The Government Shutdown is Hurting the People!

Congress must end the government shutdown that is impacting over 800,000 workers and putting them in a vulnerable position, while threatening social safety nets that millions of people rely on. It is also putting our air and water at risk, … Read More

Feeding Cows Seaweed Could Completely Reduce Methane Emissions; New Farm Bill Will Include Better Tracking of Organic Fraud; Trump Administration Is Lenient With GMO Ruling

Seaweed could be the answer for reducing methane emissions from cows. Dairy farmers in California have new regulations which require them to reduce their methane emissions by 40% in the next decade. In order to reach this goal, they are … Read More

New Farm Bill Set to Be Approved This Week – The Pros and Cons; 15 Ways to Reduce Food Waste This Holiday Season; New York State Could Be Carbon Free By 2050

The 2018 Farm Bill is finally here! There will finally be a new Farm Bill this week. While the news has hyped it up to be a bipartisan compromise with improvements to our food assistance programs like SNAP benefits, and … Read More

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