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In the News: Happy Earth Day Week! NYS SNAP Recipients Can Now Order On-Line! Grappling with Food Insecurity on College Campuses; Every Day Needs to be Earth Day, Opt Out Of Industrial Meat!

This Earth Day Week, Push Back on the Slashing of Our Environmental Programs! This Earth Day Week, POTUS continues to cut our clean energy programs, eliminating crucial climate change research, and slashing the EPA’s budget by a whopping 31%. What … Read More

In the News: Get Your Nutrients from Real Foods, Not Supplements! Meat-Rich Diets Increase Risk of Shorter Life! GE is Awarded a Certificate of Completion, Even Though the Clean-Up is Incomplete!

Eat Real Food for your Health! In a NY Times article, Choose Foods, Not Supplements, researchers report that the use of supplements does not extend one’s life, and in some cases can be doing harm. In fact, I know my own … Read More

In The News: Are Airpods Safe? No Amount of Pesticide Use is Good! Welcome Super Fungus to the Playing Field!

There has been an ongoing debate as to the safety of Airpods, and the amount of bluetooth radio-frequency radiation they emit. Do they cause cancer? Do cell phones cause cancer? No one really knows, but cancer is the #2 leading … Read More

In the News: Plastic Bags Banned in NYS! Can Honey Detect Pollution? How are Hormone Disruptors Effecting Us? Come to the 37th National Pesticide Forum and Find Out!!

By March 1, 2020, plastic bags in New York will be history! $500 million dollars for clean water projects in this years budget! Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and New York lawmakers passed their $175 billion state budget. The plan includes … Read More

In the News: The Cornucopia Institute Comes Out with a Score Card for Organic Certifiers! Food and Water Watch Has a Plan! The Insanity in Our Food Trade!

All USDA Organic Certifiers are not created equal! As consumers, we expect the USDA Organic label to uphold the strict organic standards that organic farmers set up back in the 1980′s, but over the years, the pressure from corporate interests … Read More

In the News: Many USA Cities are Canceling Their Recycling Programs; Dairy Farmers Feel the Squeeze from ICE!

It is very disturbing to hear about towns and cities across the country ending their recycling programs, or collecting the bottles and cans, only to send them to landfills. Countries like China and India don’t want our garbage anymore, and … Read More

In the News: Meatless Mondays Available in All NYC Schools! The 37th National Pesticide Forum Is Coming to NY! It’s Time to Sign Up for a CSA!! A Cheat Sheet for the Green New Deal!

On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that every NYC school will start to offer a Meatless Lunch Option on Mondays, as part of the Meatless Monday Campaign, in addition to hummus! We have the Coalition for Healthy School Food … Read More

In the News: With the Food and Film Feast Behind Us, We Can Look Forward to the CSA Fair Returning to Long Island!

Hi All, Even a snowy forecast couldn’t keep the crowds away this past Sunday at the sold out Long Island Food and Film Feast! We had an awesome event with great films, thought provoking discussions, and some really great food! … Read More

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