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Recipe: Spanakopita with Gruyere

Print Spanakopita with Gruyere Author: Bhavani Jaroff Recipe type: Vegetarian Cuisine: Greek Cook time:  50 mins Total time:  50 mins Serves: 24-48   a double recipe to share or to freeze — you will need two large lasagna pans Ingredients 1 pk Filo Factory … Read More

iEat Green; Reflections on the Food Tank Summit and An Interview with Edie Kantrowitz from United for Action

Hi Everyone, I hope those of you living in the Northeast are safe and enjoying the beauty that nature bestowed upon us over the last two days! There is nothing quite as comforting as sitting in front of the fire … Read More

Take Action: Label GMOs in NY, Senate to Vote on Keystone XL, Protect Kids From Junk Food Marketing

We Have a Right to Know What’s in Our Food Even though GMOs are under-regulated, inadequately tested and potentially unsafe, Americans continue to be kept in the dark about what’s in the foods they eat and feed their families. Just … Read More

In the News: Obama Proposes Drilling Off the Atlantic Coast, Diet of Ocean-Raised Fish, What’s Food Waste Got to Do with Climate Change?, What Plants Eat

The Obama Administration has Proposed to Allow Drilling in the Atlantic Coast. At first, I thought I was reading it wrong, because there is no way our President, the one who wants to leave a green environmental legacy, would allow … Read More

Interview Live from Food Tank Summit

Hi All, Today I had the pleasure of recording my show live from the 1st Annual Food Tank Summit at George Washington University. The conference is great, and it has been a wonderful opportunity to network and meet people who … Read More

Recipe: Arame Saute with Tofu and Greens

Print Recipe: Arame Saute with Tofu and Greens   Ingredients 1 package Arame 1 block of extra firm tofu , drained 3 carrots- cut into julienne strips 1 Large onion- cut into slivers 4 Tbs. Tamari 2 Tbs Mirin 1” … Read More

iEat Green, Live from the Food Tank Summit in DC

Hi Everybody, This is an exciting week, as I travel down to Washington DC, for the first annual Food Tank Summit at George Washington University, all day Wednesday and Thursday, January 21st and 22nd. The lineup of speakers and presenters … Read More

In the News: Leaking Pipeline, Cost of Meat

Oil Leak Threatens Yellowstone River This week an official decision will go out regarding the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.  The news this weekend demonstrates the dangers involved in supporting this project. In Glendive, Montana, A pipeline transporting crude … Read More

Take Action: Emergency Protest Against the TPP, Stop Lying About High Fructose Corn Syrup, Protect Seed Libraries

Emergency Protest to Stop the TPP TPP negotiators will be meeting in New York City starting January 26. The corporate media is telling the world that Fast Track legislation is a done deal. We must show them that it isn’t. … Read More

Recipe: Kale Frittata

Image for Recipe:  Kale Frittata

Print Recipe: Kale Frittata Author: Bhavani Jaroff Recipe type: brunch   Ingredients 4 cups finely chopped fresh kale olive oil ½ red onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 Tbs. aji mirin (sweet rice wine) 1 Tbs. tamari 4 large organic eggs … Read More

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