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Welcome to the iEatGreen recipe page. One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to take some of the old standards and tweak them to be healthier and more delicious, as well as accommodate individual dietary needs. Here I will share with you some of my favorite go-to recipes, as well as my new creations in the kitchen. Please enjoy the recipes. Let me know how you like them in the comments section, and feel free to request a specific recipe that highlights an ingredient you are curious about. Visit this page often, or subscribe to my blog, for a new recipe every week, and have fun in the kitchen!

  • IMG_4808

    Recipe: Thanksgiving Stuffed Baby Kaboucha Squash

    Hey Everyone, Here is a not so tradition Thanksgiving side dish for you and your guests. Here is an Asian flare on a stuffed squash dish that everyone will love. Roasted squash comes out deliciously sweet and the umeboshi gives … Read More

  • IMG_4760

    Recipe: Vegetarian Stuffing with Apples and Pecans

    Hi Everyone, Here is a great stuffing recipe for your Thanksgiving table. It’s sweet and savory flavors will satisfy any craving you have for stuffing on Turkey Day. The mushrooms give it a great umami flavor, while the apples give … Read More

  • IMG_4730

    Recipe: Fat Free Linzer Tart

    Hey Everyone, For those of you who can’t have a lot of fat in your diet but still want to have something indulgent every once in a while, here is the recipe for you. These linzer tarts are delicious and … Read More

  • IMG_4705

    Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

    Hey Everyone, Here is a delicious pumpkin soup that’s really easy to throw together. If you have a vegetable stock handy you can swap that for the water and give it a little extra body. The potatoes serve as a … Read More

  • IMG_4658

    Recipe: A Vegan Moussaka Inspiration

    Hey Everyone, Moussaka is a dish usually made with ground beef or lamb and milk, but I’ve exchanged it for tempeh and cashew sauce here. I’m telling you, it’s just as delicious as it’s meat filled counter part. Although, it … Read More

  • IMG_4629

    Recipe: Vegetarian Borscht

    Hey Everyone, Here is a great fall recipe to warm you up. You can always use vegetable stock for the base if you like more flavor, but this recipe is great with just water. Adding the fresh herbs and the … Read More

  • IMG_1286

    Recipe: Miso Vegetable Chowder

    Hey Everyone, This is a great “changing of the seasons” recipe for those of you who easily catch cold. It’s immune boosting and warming for the body and soul. If you want to boost the flavor even more you can … Read More

  • IMG_4599 copy

    Recipe: Pasta Primavera ala Pesto with Sundried Tomatoes and Tofu

    Hey Everyone, Here is a great pasta dish that everyone will love. It’s very light but surprisingly filling at the same time. The tofu and pasta gives the dish some heartiness, while the vegetables are light and crunchy. Enjoy! Print … Read More

  • IMG_4579

    Recipe: Pear Ginger Chutney

    Hey Everyone, Here is a lovely sweet complement to your savory dinner tonight. The ginger adds a touch of spice to it while the pomegranate juice brings a tartness to it. Pair this with a crispy potato pancake or vegetable … Read More

  • potato-leek-soup-S

    Recipe: Dairy Free Potato Leek Soup

    Hey Everyone, Here is a great dairy free potato leek soup that’s really delicious and really easy. The coconut milk gives the soup body just like dairy would, so you would never know it was a vegan soup. Make sure … Read More