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Welcome to the iEatGreen recipe page. One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to take some of the old standards and tweak them to be healthier and more delicious, as well as accommodate individual dietary needs. Here I will share with you some of my favorite go-to recipes, as well as my new creations in the kitchen. Please enjoy the recipes. Let me know how you like them in the comments section, and feel free to request a specific recipe that highlights an ingredient you are curious about. Visit this page often, or subscribe to my blog, for a new recipe every week, and have fun in the kitchen!

  • Mint, Feta, and Watermelon Salad

    Recipe: Mint, Feta, and Watermelon Salad

    This easy watermelon salad is the perfect light dinner when it’s too hot to cook, a great addition to a summer picnic, or even a refreshing dessert. The summery flavors will have everyone asking for seconds and thirds, so be … Read More

  • IMG_6505

    Recipe: Gluten-Free Vegan Lace Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These gluten-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies are the perfect treat to accommodate any special diet guest. With healthier ingredients such as coconut oil and applesauce, these cookies are a snack that you can feel good about. The lacey look is … Read More

  • IMG_6473

    Recipe: Baba Ghannouj

    Baba Ghannouj is one of those foods that seems really complicated, but is so simple to make. It’s a delicious Mediterranean flavor that pairs well with sliced peppers & carrots, falafel, or just some pita chips, and is a nice … Read More

  • IMG_6331

    Recipe: Mediterranean Spring Medley

    This medley recipe celebrates the best part of spring – the fresh veggies! After a long winter, it’s a nice change to have fresh, local ingredients to cook with. Shop at a farmers market to get the best produce from … Read More

  • P1020831

    Recipe: Gluten Free Pecan and Chocolate Biscotti

    Biscotti most people are intimidated to make, because it’s a fancy cafe dessert to eat with your cappuccino or coffee. Biscotti is actually very simple to make, and this recipe is perfect for anyone with gluten allergies. It has the … Read More

  • IMG_6338

    Recipe: Flourless Chocolate Cake

    This Flourless Chocolate Cake is an amazing dessert to make if you’re in the mood for a splurge. It’s a chocolatey, melt in your mouth cake that will be a hit with the whole family. I like to garnish mine … Read More