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Take Action: Boycott Companies Against GMO Labeling, Keyston XL Thunderclap, Fair Farm Bill

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Pledge to Boycott the Food Companies that Fought GMO Labeling

Please send a message refusing to purchase any of your favorite brands that are owned by parent companies that contributed to the $46 million that helped defeat Prop 37, the California Right to Know GMO Labeling initiative. These companies, including parents of brands like Kashi, Honest Tea, Naked Juice, Muir Glen, and Morningstar Farms made millions of dollars selling organic and “natural” brands, yet they spent millions to defeat Prop 37. See the full list of companies who donated and sign the pledge to boycott their brands.

Use your Social Media Presence to Take Action
Against the Keystone XL Pipeline

If you aren’t able to make it to the rally in Washington D.C. this Sunday, November 18th you can still make your voice heard by joining the #noKXL Thunderclap also taking place this Sunday! Thunderclap is a social media tool that shares a status or tweet simultaneously with thousands of others who have signed up to support the cause.

By sharing simultaneously, the cause will get a boost in the Facebook algorithm, and maybe — just maybe — get #noKXL trending on Twitter.

By raising the profile of #noKXL on Twitter and Facebook, we’ll get more people talking about the devastation of the Alberta tar sands, the threat to our climate, and the importance of stopping this pipeline in its tracks. By promoting the link to the livestream on Sunday, we’ll show people across the country that there is a wall of opposition standing in the way of this thing — that our movement is united, vibrant, and not going away. Sign up to join the Thunderclap, and then share it with your friends, to make sure we have as large and loud a chorus as possible!

Tell your Representative to Pass a Fair Farm Bill

The Farm Bill expired at the end of the September. Both the House and Senate have passed different versions of a new five-year Farm Bill, with the major difference between them being a large reduction in funding for SNAP, the federal food stamp benefits program. Congress needs to get together to agree on a final version before the new Farm Bill can be put into law. Because only some parts of the expired bill were extended, passing a new law by the end of year is extremely important. Learn more about the impact of the Farm Bill, and sign the petition telling members of Congress that good food starts with a fair Farm Bill!


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