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In the News: Michael Pollan Q & A, Eating Our Weight in GMO’s, Pipeline Protests in Texas

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Interview with Michael Pollan

Last week, Michael Pollan came out with an an article in The New York Times Magazine Section, discussing California’s Proposition 37, which if passed, would mandate labeling genetically modified foods. In response, Pollan participated in a AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. The Huffington Post posted some of Pollan’s more interesting  responses. Watch the video below for some of Pollan’s ‘Food Rules’.


Americans Eat Their Weight in Genetically Engineered Food

A new Environmental Working Group analysis of recent government data shows that Americans are eating their weight and more in genetically engineered food every year. EWG calculates that people eat an average of 193 pounds of genetically engineered food over a 12 month period. Without any long-term studies available on the potential health risks of GMO’s, this level of consumption is frightening. One way to avoid eating GMO’s is by purchasing organic food. For a list of foods to avoid, check out the Non-GMO Shoppers’ Guide.

Texas Landowners Join Environmentalists for Last-Ditch Effort to Block the Keystone XL Pipeline

While TransCanada Corp is moving forward with construction of the Keystone XL pipeline to transport Canadian tar-sands crude to Gulf Coast refinerie, opponents are on their fourth week of protests in Texas a reported by The New York Times last week. Dozens of environmental activists working with local Texas landowners have blocked the pipeline’s path through tree sits and other nonviolent protests. Protesters have had to document the blockade because off-duty police officers paid by TransCanada have created a perimeter to block reporters from accessing the actions.


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