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iEat Green Shares Interview with Kelly McGlinchey

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Hi All,

This morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly McGlinchey about her work as the Director of Food Education at Butter Beans Inc, a school lunch and wellness company. Located in New York City, Butter Beans provides 3000 school lunch meals everyday to private and charter schools throughout the city and New Jersey. The company was started back in 2008 by 2 moms, and has now grown into a full commissary kitchen, with delivery service and staff who serve the meals in every school that they contract with. Recognizing the importance of food education, Butter Beans offers nutrition classes and cooking classes as part of their services in after school programs or special events during the day. They also offer 3- two week Food and Garden Summer Camp sessions, which is a complete farm-to-table summer experience for New York City kids ages 6-10, taking advantage of the farmers markets and urban gardens throughout the city.  It sounds so great, I wish I could go!

To inquiry about their services, click here, and to listen to our interview, see the link below.


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