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Watch “Genetic Roulette” for Free Online until October 17th!

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Click here to watch the full screening of Genetic Roulette for free — until Wednesday, October 17th only!

After attending the screening put on by Save Long Island earlier this month, I strongly believe this is a film that everyone should see. It clearly explains the dangers of genetically modified foods, the connections they have to the health of our population, and how they have managed to work their way into every aspect of our food supply.

I hope you are able to find to time to watch this film in order to learn more about this important issue!

Then be sure to spread the word to California voters. Proposition 37, which will be on the ballot in California this November, is the first move we have made as a nation toward mandatory labeling of GMO foods and may be the first big push toward national reform.

Also be sure download the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, and add your name to the petition asking the FDA to establish nation-wide labeling regulations!

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Bhavani Jaroff is a Natural Foods Chef, Educator, Radio Host, and Food Activist. She has over thirty years experience cooking healthy, fresh organic food. Read More

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