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Voice Your Concern About Tax Plan NOW; Fight Youth Targeted Junk Food Advertising; Find the GMO Apple, A Scavenger Hunt

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Republican Tax Plan Jeopardizes the Environmental Protection Agency

“House Republicans released their plan to give a tax handout to the richest 1% and giant corporations — from Big Oil to Monsanto. This plan would lead to a massive increase in debt — which could open the door for the GOP to gut the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is supposed to ensure that corporate polluters don’t poison our air, water and climate, but their relationship to big business is already getting in the way. This plan is so extreme that it might not even make it through the House of Representatives. If we can show strong public opposition to this plan from the beginning, we can stop it. But FOE (Friends of the Earth) needs 473 more people to write to their Representatives RIGHT NOW.” – Friends of the Earth
Read more about this tax plan here

Schools should be a place for learning, not a place for companies to market junk food to kids.

“Schools are making progress in providing healthier meals, snacks, and beverages to students (thanks to a national law that CSPI helped pass). CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) also worked on a national policy to limit unhealthy food and beverage marketing in schools. Yet some junk food companies continue to market in schools: from scoreboards to fronts of vending machines, incentive programs (like Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! Program that rewards kids with pizza for reading), classroom materials, fundraisers, and the in-school television company Channel One.” – Center for Science in the Public Interest

Center for Science in the Public Interest
“Channel One, a for-profit network shown to millions of students, provides schools free television equipment in exchange for showing a 10-minute broadcast plus two minutes of ads each day in school. Channel One’s advertising policy still permits ads for junk food that are no longer allowed to be sold in schools.” We need to come together to stop this ridiculous policy!!


TAKE ACTION: Help us find the GMO apples! Join the scavenger hunt, November 7 – December 1, to locate the stores selling GMO apples. 

Sign up here and the Organic Consumers Association will send you instructions, talking points, and much more, all to share in your circles.

The ‘Arctic Apple’ was created for purely cosmetic purposes, that is, it was one of the first GMOs to been marketed directly to consumers rather than farmers. Promoted as an edible that will never brown, these apple slices are now making their way into grocery stores and fast food chains.Image result for arctic slices

This man-made manipulation is completely unnecessary. If not only for the reason that fresh fruit is supposed to brown, but also because that is exactly how we know the food is old or rotten! Ultimately, this GMO Arctic Apple is risky because it was developed using a technology that many scientists worry might have “unintended, negative consequences—for our health, and the environment.” So why is a GMO apple that consumers don’t need or want flooding our stores??? To generate profits for companies like Intrexon.

The only way to show companies like Intrexon that we don’t want their GMO apples is to not buy them—and convince grocery stores to not sell them.

But first, we have to find them. This action is simple. Next time you shop, all you have to do is look around for packages of these sliced apples. Ask your grocery store manager if your store carries the packages of Arctic Apple or plans to carry them. Then let OCA know. Sign up here and we’ll send you instructions, talking points, etc. They’ll send you everything you need, including instructions for how to identify the Arctic Apple and what to say to your store manager.

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