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Trump’s Ag Pick Perdue Seems Contrary; Seeking Consensus on Healthy Food; Ice-Scream-For-Vegans; FDA Publishes New Advice For Your Mom

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Trump’s Pick for Secretary of Ag, Sonny Perdue, is Frightening

cow-1955406_1280If confirmed, Perdue will oversee a budget of more than $140 billion and a staff of more than 100,000 people in an office that, as Civil Eats points out, executes “policy in a wide variety of areas, including food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, and nutrition. The agency oversees the national school lunch program and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as well as food safety and farm policy programs, the Forest Service, and various land and water conservation efforts.”

This is a man who has no qualms about taking government handouts, has no interest in cutting back use of antibiotics, was once a fertilizer salesman, and apparently has not made the connection between junk food and health!!!

Looking For Consensus on ‘Healthy’ Food 

carrot-1085063__480“Many consumers have definite ideas about what’s healthy and what’s not. So do nutritionists. According to a survey recently conducted by the New York Times that contrasted responses of the public and members of the American Society of Nutritionists, a professional organization, the two groups frequently disagree about whether a food is ‘healthy’.” – Huffington Post

This Begs the Question, Is Vegan Ice Cream Healthier?

may-see-ice-1694251_1280In some brands there is less sugar, though still a fair (ahem, higher) amount compared to, well, say avocados? And almond milk has significantly less saturated fats than milk thus exemplifying how plants are often healthier for consumption than animals… Did I mention it’s healthier for the planet too? At the end of the day, reading labels is encouraged to know for sure!

FDA Issues New Food Advice Concerning Seafood For Moms To Be

Undoubtedly, pregnant women are often concerned about what seafood is safe and healthy, and what should be avoided because of mercury contamination. In 2004, ‘the federal government issued statements that have long been criticized as unclear, including advice on how much seafood to eat, and which species pregnant and nursing women should avoid’.fish-market-428058_1280

This week, the FDA and Environmental Protection Agency issued an update to the advice, listing more than 60 species in a chart that ranks fish as a “best choice,” “good choice” and “choices to avoid.

Tfish-1850166_1280he new advice recommends consumers choose a variety of fish to eat. And it comes with an easy-to-understand illustration of what an appropriate portion size should be: 4 ounces for an adult, the full size of your palm; and 2 ounces for children aged 4-7 — which is more like the inside cup of your palm.” – NPR, The Salt


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