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Take Action: National Carbon Pollution Limits, Artic Drilling, Fracking in New York, Backpack Drive

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Here are a few important causes I would like to bring to your attention to this week. Please learn more and take action!

Support First-Ever National Limits on Industrial Carbon Pollution

Industrial carbon pollution spewing from power plants threatens our health. Doctors, nurses, scientists and other experts agree that carbon pollution fuels global warming which increases smog, making it harder for children to breathe, and contributes to thousands of asthma attacks, permanent lung damage and other illnesses. Hopefully, the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempt at protecting Americans from industrial carbon pollution is not just talk and actually makes a difference. Learn more and submit a public statement to the EPA.

Tell Governor Cuomo: Don’t Frack New York!

Governor Cuomo will release his plan to frack New York before Labor Day. Governor Cuomo has been having secret meetings with small selections of environmental organizations, some of whom may be misguided enough to support the governor’s dangerous plan. Governor Cuomo wants to get their backing as proof that he has the approval of environmental and public health groups. But that’s just not true; more than 170 groups, including CREDO, are urging Cuomo to maintain New York’s ban on fracking. There’s still time to make Governor Cuomo rethink this plan – but we need to make our voices heard in a big way right now. Cuomo’s plan is reportedly a massive handout to Exxon Mobil and Chesapeake Energy that would turn entire counties into toxic sacrifice zones. Call Governor Cuomo, and tell him: Don’t frack New York!

The River Fund’s “Backpack Drive”

The River Fund is iEat Green’s partner organization and one of NY’s best Food Banks! The River Fund is coming up on their “Back To School” backpack distribution. They will be gifting backpacks filled with school supplies to the kids in their program: Street Relief-Rufus King Park, Jamaica; Client Choice Pantry, Richmond Hill; and Under The Board Walk, Coney Island, Brooklyn. They are still in need of several hundred backpacks. Learn more about this great organization and make a donatation!

Keep Shell Out Of The Arctic!

Ask President Obama to stop Shell’s rush to drill in the arctic! Shell is supposed to start drilling in the Polar Bear Seas this summer – but they’re still nowhere near ready. The Coast Guard has found safety problems on Shell’s spill response barge, and the company still lacks proper equipment to limit air pollution or clean up a potential spill. Ask President Obama to stop Shell’s rash effort to drill  in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas without meeting the administration’s safety standards for this fragile environment! Read more about this issue, and send your message to the President.


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