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Take Action: Monsanto Fails, Say No to Synthetic Ingredients, Americans Against Fracking

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Monsanto Fails! Union of Concerned Scientists, need your help in spreading the word about Monsanto’s failure to improve agriculture.  Right now, the Monsanto Company is spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns and lobbying to convince you, and decision makers in Washington, that it is “improving” agriculture. With millions of dollars at their disposal, Monsanto puts forth widely-seen advertisements that tell an impressive tale of the agribusiness giant’s achievements: Feeding a growing population. Protecting natural resources. Promoting biodiversity. These claims are outrageously far from the truth.  Join the UCS in fighting back against Monsanto’s ad campaign by sharing the truth about Monsanto and its unethical practices through twitter and facebook.

Synthetic Ingredients in Organic Food?

Buying organic food is one to the few ways in which consumers can ensure that their food is free of a variety of chemicals and preservatives.  That’s why it is so crucial that we lend our voices to a rule currently being considered by the USDA. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking public comment on a rule that would keep in place its policy of allowing the indiscriminate and illegal addition of synthetic nutrients to organic foods. The nutrients found in our food should be naturally occurring, not synthethic versions produced in laborties and chemical factories. If you agree that organic foods should be free from unnecessary synthetic ingredients, as the federal organic regulations require, please make your voice heard. Click here to submit your comments to the USDA.

Americans Against Fracking

A group of over 100 public health, consumer, environmental and faith-based organizations recently announced the launch of Americans Against Fracking, a national coalition dedicated to banning hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and drilling associated with fracking for oil and natural gas in the United States. Organizations such as, Center for Biological Diversity, Food & Water Watch and Frack Action, have all joined forces to demand bans on fracking throughout the country. Click here to visit Americans Against Fracking’s website and learn how you can keep the anti-fracking momentum going.

About Bhavani Jaroff

Bhavani Jaroff is a Natural Foods Chef, Educator, Radio Host, and Food Activist. She has over thirty years experience cooking healthy, fresh organic food. Read More

2 Responses to Take Action: Monsanto Fails, Say No to Synthetic Ingredients, Americans Against Fracking

  1. If people knew that Monsanto uses a I would guess a protein inhibitor and or protein I believe? 14? So that plants must accept their poisons that the research on rats failed also because of this. The protein changes the plant to have to accept the poison or it will die.
    So did the rats under experiments done using the quote Monsanto corn product without the poison died more often than without their poison – now make sense* Monsanto is a killer of proportions now plants tomorrow the world? Thanks Hope someone sees this Yvonne

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