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Take Action: Keystone XL Pipeline Protest, Last Chance to Stop Fracking, Boycott Boca Burgers

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President Obama must decide whether or not to approve construction of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline, which will carry 800,000 barrels a day of the dirtiest oil on earth for export. President Obama has just 4 years left to provide the leadership we need to stop climate change that is causing extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy, and Keystone XL is the biggest test of whether he’s up for the job. On Presidents Day weekend, join, The Sierra Club and thousands of energized individuals as we take to the streets of Washington DC  to form a massive human pipeline, and to tell the President that we expect leadership on climate change, beginning with a rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The big action will take place on Feb. 17th. Be there!

Only a Few Days Left to Submit Your Comments on Fracking

The 30-day public comment period on new fracking regulations will close on January 11th. We must make our voice heard now, before it’s too late.  Governor Cuomo has repeatedly promised to let science and facts guide his decision whether to allow fracking in New York State, DEC recently issued a revised set of draft fracking regulations before finishing its own review of fracking’s environmental impacts or allowing the Department of Health and its three medical experts to complete their review of fracking’s health impacts. DEC has decided to give you only 30 days—during the holidays¬—to make your voice heard on these ill-informed regulations. With mounting pressure to begin fracking, the state has shown that it is willing to sacrifice science-driven regulations and public input at the expense of New Yorkers’ health and their environment. This may be the last chance for the public to voice its opinion on fracking before the state issues permits to frack—and it’s not enough time. Let Governor Cuomo know that New Yorker’s are not in favor of fracking!

Boycott Kraft’s Boca Burgers!

Let’s keep the ball rolling! We have added another item to the growing list of foods to boycott. So far we have suggested avoiding Muir Glen products and Honest Tea.  This week we’re adding Boca Burgers. Kraft Foods, maker of Boca Burger® and one of the largest food manufacturers in the world, spent $2 million to defeat Prop 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. So why would you spend one dime on their products, even on their organic line Boca products? Especially when you can buy GMO-free veggie burgers from Amy’s Kitchen, a true Organic Hero, that contributed $100,000 to the YES on 37 campaign! Click here to tell Kraft that you’re boycotting their Boca Burger® brand until the company publicly and financially supports statewide GMO labeling efforts in 2013, beginning in Washington State, Vermont and Connecticut.

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Bhavani Jaroff is a Natural Foods Chef, Educator, Radio Host, and Food Activist. She has over thirty years experience cooking healthy, fresh organic food. Read More

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