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Take Action: Climate Silence, Trader Joe’s: Support Prop 37, Ban GE Salmon

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End the Climate Silence Among Presidential Candidates

Despite brief mentions of energy and climate among presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, neither one has spoken up on the reality of global warming and the increasingly common extreme weather conditions. With the debates now over, we did not hear a single question on climate change. None of the moderators and neither of the two candidates mentioned the topic. It is time that both candidates address the most urgent challenge of our time. Climate silence must come to an end.

Trader Joe’s: Support GMO Labeling

The fight to get food brands to label whether or not they contain genetically-modified organisms continues.  In order for Proposition 37  to pass, it needs all the support it can get, even from those of us who do not live in California. But the California-based Trader Joe’s, one of the largest organic retailers in the country, is refusing to support the ballot initiative. Meanwhile, Monsanto and other mega-corporations are spending millions of dollars to keep consumers in the dark about what’s in our food and the potential health risks of GMO’s. Whole Foods and other competitors of Trader Joe’s have already declared their support for GMO labeling. If we can get Trader Joe’s to support GMO labeling too, it could be a game-changer.

Ask the FDA to Ban Genetically Engineered Salmon

Genetically engineered salmon can grow at twice the normal rate, allowing it to get to market sooner, which in turn makes more money for biotech companies. But this dangerous lab experiment is at the expense of salmon growers, the environment and consumers. If approved, GE salmon will be the first “transgenic” animal allowed into our food supply. Due to the current lack of GMO labeling, there is a good chance that you and your family will be eating GE Salmon without knowing. Send a message to FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, to voice your opposition to genetically engineered salmon.

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Bhavani Jaroff is a Natural Foods Chef, Educator, Radio Host, and Food Activist. She has over thirty years experience cooking healthy, fresh organic food. Read More

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