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Take Action: Proposition 37, Dole Foods, Hofstra Debate, Fracking Ban

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right to knowSupport California’s Right to Know about GMOs

This November, Californians will vote on Proposition 37, an initiative that would tell consumers whether or not their food contains GMOs. Slow Food USA has joined the fight and have noted that the vote on Proposition 37 could go either way. Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, ConAgra and a host of other pesticide and processed food corporations have come up with $34 million to fight this important initiative. Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini has said, “it is important for all of Slow Food and not only for California, but for the entire United States and the whole world.” 50 countries already have mandatory GMO labeling laws on the books, let’s push for the United States to also join these others. Sign on to the Slow Food USA letter and tell the world that you support California’s right to know what is in their food, then take a moment to tell the FDA that it is time to start a national movement to label genetically engineered foods.

Dole Wants Corporations to Get Away with Murder. Literally.

Today, one of the most significant Supreme Court cases of our time starts to determine whether corporations can literally get away with murder. When the Ogoni people of Nigeria began to non-violently protest Shell’s oil development, Shell cooperated with the Nigerian military regime to violently suppress opposition through killing, torture, and crimes against humanity. More than 60 villages were raided, over 800 people were killed, and 30,000 more were displaced from their homes. This precedent-setting Supreme Court case could finally bring justice for the Ogoni people of Nigeria, but corporations like Dole Foods, filed briefs to the Supreme Court in support of Shell, to protect their own interest and make sure they can’t be held accountable for human rights abuses abroad either.  Corporations should not be able to stand in the way of justice. Let’s demand that Dole Foods immediately pulls its name from its amicus brief in the Kiobel v Shell case.

Stand with Planned Parenthood at Hofstra’s Presidental Debate

It is crucial that we demonstrate to candidates this Fall, how much women’s health matters. Let’s carry that message to Hofstra University’s campus, the site of the third presidential debate, on October 16th. Efforts to eliminate birth control, cancer screenings, and essential women’s health care services started 18 months ago and provides a clear view of the extreme and out-of-touch agenda of many policy makers. Stand with Planned Parenthood of Nassau County Action Fund to demonstrate the importance of standing up for full access to women’s health care.

We’re Winning the Fight Against Fracking in NY. Now Let’s Turn Up the Heat!

Just a few months ago, it appeared all but certain, that Governor Cuomo would open New York to fracking before Labor Day. But in a major development, the Cuomo administration just announced that it will restart the process of drafting fracking regulations. This is huge news. It is a major delay and it it shows that our pressure is working! But more is needed, to convince Governor Cuomo to ban fracking, once and for all. Tell Governor Cuomo: No sham health studies, no more delays. Ban fracking now.

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