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Take Action: GMO Amendments, Esopus Creek, and Organic Standards

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Dangerous Pro-GMO Amendments May Be On Their Last Legs – If We Act Now!

A dangerous set of riders in the House Farm Bill, which is set to expire on September 30th, would create serious risks to farmers, the environment, and public health by forcing the rushed commercialization of genetically engineered crops. It would also eliminate all meaningful review of the effect they might have on our environment or our health. These riders establish unworkable deadlines and backdoor approvals, if the crops aren’t reviewed and approved within an absurdly short time, they would default to immediate approval and commercialization.  They would also bar all analysis of the impact of GMO’s from any agency other than the USDA, and even then any environmental analysis won’t have an affect on the approval decision.

Please contact your representatives to urge them to more carefully consider these amendments.

Take Action To Help Restore The Lower Esopus Creek

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) announced its decision requiring the Lower Esopus Creek to be included on New York  State’s impaired water list, disapproving the State’s previous determination to exclude it. This decision is significant because listing the Lower Esopus will formally recognize its water quality impairment and impose a legal obligation on the New York State Department of Environmental (DEC) to take action to address turbidity levels in the creek. The EPA is providing the public the opportunity to review its decision and will consider public comments before sending its final  listing determination to DEC.

Add your comment in support of EPA’s decision to list the Lower Esopus Creek as impaired.

Things You Don’t Want In Your Organic Food…

The National Organic Standards Board is an arm of the US government, and they are not our friends! Unwanted items include oxidized lignite from coal, fertilizer additives that cause acid rain, the pesticide PGML that harms beneficial soil organisms, synthetic nutrients to keep chickens alive under factory farm conditions, synthetic ingredients in infant formula. These could all be OK’d by the National Organic Standards Board for USDA certified organic food if we don’t speak out.

Tell the National Organic Standards Board to keep hazardous synthetics out of organic!

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Bhavani Jaroff is a Natural Foods Chef, Educator, Radio Host, and Food Activist. She has over thirty years experience cooking healthy, fresh organic food. Read More

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