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Say “NO” to Offshore Drilling; Demand to Replace NAFTA; Keep Reduced Salt in School Meals; Let’s Resist Monsanto Together

NO Off-shore Drilling: Stop Trump’s Plan to Open Up Our Waters to Toxic Waste “Remember the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster? It wreaked havoc on the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and spewing nearly 5 million barrels of oil over … Read More

January 18: Food and Water Watch Resistance

January marks the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s administration – and of the greater resistance to his dangerous anti-environmental agenda. Join Food and Water Watch for a discussion of how to strengthen our activism and grow our movement. They will … Read More

2018 is the Year to Rise and Regenerate; Trump Opens Up Our Shores to Oil Drilling

Local Consumers Can Support Our Rise to Regenerate Our Earth In response to the predominant support for industrial agriculture whether it be Big Ag and Food stakeholders or the politicians who cozy up in their back pocket, even consumers like … Read More

Oregon Congressman Fosters New Farm Bill; NAFTA Renegotiations Critical to Family Farmers and the Planet; Soil Matters More Than We Think; NOFA’s First Holiday Auction Online

A Radical Farm Bill is Born by Civil Eats “Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) has worked for years to move the needle on food and farm policy. In June of this year, along with Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), he introduced legislation to … Read More

Stand Up and Speak Out; Protect Clean Water, Air, and Soil; Help Fight Lateral Pipeline; Urge Retailers to Offer Healthier Checkout Options

Stand Up and Speak Out For Clean Water, Air, and Soil In recent news, such as Pruitt’s proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan, and the overall attack on our food system by way of corporate greed and takeover, the certainty of whether our … Read More

Help Save the EPA; Protect the Hungry; Irma Floods Impacts Environment and Economy

Image for Help Save the EPA; Protect the Hungry; Irma Floods Impacts Environment and Economy

  Help save the EPA from Trump and his Big Oil cronies “Donald Trump is about to propose more massive cuts to the EPA. The cuts would gut water protections, support for state environmental programs, and the Superfund clean up … Read More

Protect Public Health From Toxic Pesticides; Stop the Bayer-Monsanto Merger

Stand Up to Corporate Greed & Protect Public Health: Call Your Senator to Increase Transparency and Fight for Pesticide Regulation “In a stunning blow to science, democracy and human health, the Trump administration has overruled the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) … Read More

GMO Food Labeling Laws NOW; Reject Sam Clovis for USDA Chief Scientist; Stay Informed and Protect Clean Water; Fight Big Oil

Tell the Administration to Label GMOs Now   “Last year, after several states passed laws requiring labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods, the federal government finally passed a GE food labeling law. But the devil is in the details, now … Read More

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