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December 24: Community Solidarity Food Share – Heampstead, NY

Join in sharing hundreds of thousands of pounds of plant-based groceries during the holiday weeks; warm winter clothing and hot vegan meals as well. You can dant toys as well as a monetary donation. Hempstead Food Share – Sunday, 12/24 … Read More

Food Shortages and World Hunger; Fiber Hijacked by Big Food; Musk Brother Invests in Food; New Legislation Hampers DEA From Cracking Down on Opiates;

Rice and Beans: $1.20 in New York, $73 in Haiti “The United Nations World Food Programme just released a report on the cost, relative to average income, of a basic meal such as rice and beans in 33 countries. Someone living in … Read More

Dicamba Affects All; Wasted Release; Pruitt Repeals the Clean Power Plan; SNAP’s 40th Anniversary

DuPont’s Weedkiller Divides Farmers  Dicamba is one of DuPont’s top-selling products; an herbicide used alongside the Monsanto company’s GMO-seeds, which are genetically altered and designed to resist the aforementioned, toxic weed-killing chemical. Yet, rifts between farmers, namely between those who use the herbicide and those who refuse to, peaked … Read More

Keep the Soil, Not the Grass; Artists’ Share More Than Fruit; Healthy School Food is Here to Stay; NY Fast-Food Workers Make Political Gains; Nestle Comments to Protect Food Safety

U.S. Pays Farmers Billions To Save The Soil. But It’s Blowing Away – NPR, the Salt In recent years, dust storms have returned, driven mainly by drought. But, according to rural residents and others, farmers are “making the problem worse by … Read More

April 29: People’s Climate March: Long Island, NY

April 29th will mark the 100th day of this administration and around the world people will take stock of what this new period in our nation’s history looks like. On that same day, we will gather in a massive and … Read More

Vertical Farming; Renewable Energy Isn’t Going Anywhere; Northeast Food Distributor Baldor Eliminates Food Waste; NY Nuclear Power Plant Finally Shutdown; Sugar Kills, We Know; Eating Peanuts Early Could Prevent Peanut Allergies

Growing in the City Without Water or Sunlight, Say What? Since Ed Harwood first began thinking about how to feed the population of New York City in the year 2050, vertical farming has become the most recent buzz in food … Read More

Cuomo Vetoed Farmers; Child Nutrition is Front Page; Slow Food and Farm Raiser Special Offer

Image for Cuomo Vetoed Farmers; Child Nutrition is Front Page; Slow Food and Farm Raiser Special Offer

Cuomo Decides to Veto Farm to Food Bank Tax Credit Bill Which Would Give Farmers Break Last week, Cuomo actually vetoed the NY Farm to Food Bank Bill which would have given farmers the well deserved tax break for produce they donate … Read More

Field to Frock: Lessons from the Slow Food Movement

Learn how practices developed by the Slow Food Movement may also benefit the fashion industry. Panel moderator, Summer Rayne Oakes, speaks with chef Daphne Cheng, a pioneer in plant-based cuisine; fashion designer Jussara Lee; and Richard McCarthy, executive director of … Read More

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