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iEat Green Wonders…What is Happening? Are We Living in a Military State? Is This My Country? I Don’t Recognize It!! Serving Up Some Holiday Cheer in Rufus King Park; Lorrie Clevenger, Founding Member of Rise and Root Farm, Joins Bhavani on PRN!

Hi All, Banned words? One day we read that the Center for Disease Control is not allowed to use words like fetus or transgender, and the next day we read that the Environmental Protection Agency is spying on their employees … Read More

iEat Green Struggles to Stay Optimistic in Today’s Political Climate; Join Us in Bringing a Holiday Meal to Those In Need; Annie Novak from Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Joins Bhavani on PRN

Hi Everyone, I wake up every morning to The Morning Edition on NPR, and I think I might need to re-evaluate that. I start the day depressed, before I even get out of bed! I’m half kidding, because I am … Read More

Ban Chlorpyrifos; Keep the Soil in Organics; Clovis Investigation Creates Pressure for USDA

Organic Consumers Association Reminds Us of What is at Stake With Chemicals Like Chlorpyrifos In November 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally took steps to ban chlorpyrifos, an agricultural pesticide known to be especially harmful to people having regular, consistent contact, … Read More

EPA Prioritizes Big Industries First; Puerto Rico’s Agricultural Sector Impacted by Maria, Melania Trump Says NO to GMO, Say What?

Scott Pruitt Putting Industry First… Let’s Not Turn a Blind Eye! “In the four months since he took office as the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, Scott Pruitt has moved to undo, delay or otherwise block more than 30 environmental rules, … Read More

Long Island Activists Grow to Take Action NOW; Submit Your Comments for Clean Drinking Water; Help Save the BEES; Boycott Ben and Jerry’s, Say What?

Long Island Activists Continue to Grow in Membership and Help Locals Take Action Today My guest this week, Steven Cecchini, is local community organizer and member of Long Island Activists working to save the Affordable Care Act and bring awareness … Read More

Tell Congress NOT to Cut the EPA; Help Save the Bees; Resist the Construction of NY Pipeline;

Tell Congress NOT to Cut the EPA! Help fight back by collecting petition signatures in your community. “Even in the tragic aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the Trump administration has proposed devastating cuts to the EPA and many other … Read More

Help Save the EPA; Protect the Hungry; Irma Floods Impacts Environment and Economy

Image for Help Save the EPA; Protect the Hungry; Irma Floods Impacts Environment and Economy

  Help save the EPA from Trump and his Big Oil cronies “Donald Trump is about to propose more massive cuts to the EPA. The cuts would gut water protections, support for state environmental programs, and the Superfund clean up … Read More

Protect Public Health From Toxic Pesticides; Stop the Bayer-Monsanto Merger

Stand Up to Corporate Greed & Protect Public Health: Call Your Senator to Increase Transparency and Fight for Pesticide Regulation “In a stunning blow to science, democracy and human health, the Trump administration has overruled the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) … Read More

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