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Chile Soda Tax Highest in the World; Industrial Agribusiness Not Sustainable; Monsanto’s Congressional Hearing Over

NY Times Reports How Chile is Changing the Food Market “The Chilean government, facing skyrocketing rates of obesity, is waging war on unhealthy foods with a phalanx of marketing restrictions, mandatory packaging redesigns and labeling rules aimed at transforming the … Read More

Keep School Food Healthy; Protect Pebble Mine; Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Rising Ocean Temperatures

Keep School Food Healthy and Nutritious for Children Everywhere and support the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Farm to School Movement Help CSPI protect the progress we’ve all fought so hard for—less salt, more fruits, vegetables, … Read More

Combat Diabetes, Say No to Junk Food; EPA Drops Bans Against Harmful Chemicals

The Fight Against Junk Food As Diabetes Rises in India India is “sitting on a volcano” of diabetes, as NY Times reports more people in India are likely to develop diabetes from weight gain than people in other regions due … Read More

iEat Green Wonders…What is Happening? Are We Living in a Military State? Is This My Country? I Don’t Recognize It!! Serving Up Some Holiday Cheer in Rufus King Park; Lorrie Clevenger, Founding Member of Rise and Root Farm, Joins Bhavani on PRN!

Hi All, Banned words? One day we read that the Center for Disease Control is not allowed to use words like fetus or transgender, and the next day we read that the Environmental Protection Agency is spying on their employees … Read More

Ban Chlorpyrifos; Keep the Soil in Organics; Clovis Investigation Creates Pressure for USDA

Organic Consumers Association Reminds Us of What is at Stake With Chemicals Like Chlorpyrifos In November 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally took steps to ban chlorpyrifos, an agricultural pesticide known to be especially harmful to people having regular, consistent contact, … Read More

GMO Food Labeling Laws NOW; Reject Sam Clovis for USDA Chief Scientist; Stay Informed and Protect Clean Water; Fight Big Oil

Tell the Administration to Label GMOs Now   “Last year, after several states passed laws requiring labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods, the federal government finally passed a GE food labeling law. But the devil is in the details, now … Read More

EPA Documents Reveal Truth About Plans for Pesticides; Powerful Victory for Waterkeeper Alliance; The EPA and GMOs Still Need Our Attention; Trump’s Renegotiations of NAFTA; Juniper Ash Provides More Calcium than Milk

EPA Documents Reveal Appointees Plans to Reject Ban of Chlorpyrifos “Chlorpyrifos is still widely used in agriculture — on apples, oranges, strawberries, almonds and many other fruits — though it was barred from residential use in 2000. The E.P.A.’s scientists have recommended it … Read More

Let’s Save the EPA; Defend Against Big Oil and Gas; Fight for Clean Water

Stop Trump & Congress from Terminating the EPA — write to your Representative NOW! The EPA is vital for the protection of our planet. Eliminating it could mean the end of clean air and no safeguards for clean water. Together we … Read More

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