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Stop the Dirty Energy Bill; Tell Cargill to Cut Ties with Palm Oil NOW; Stand UP for Medicare For ALL; Help Promote Summer Meals for Kids

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Join Food and Water Watch to Stop Trump-McConnell Dirty Energy Bill

1. Call your Senator at 866-583-2908 and tell them:

“As a constituent, I urge my Senator to oppose Senate Bill 1460, the Dirty Energy Bill that would keep us addicted to dirty fossil fuels.”

— Call the number again to reach your state’s other Senator.

2.    Send your Senator a message. It’s easy, take action here.

3. Amplify your impact, join the Food & Water Watch call team and ask others to call their senators.

Together we can get thousands of calls into key senators’ offices before the end of the week. You can connect with Food & Water Watch/Food & Water Action members and contact your local senator’s office directly. These calls are easy and incredibly important!

Friends of the Earth Tells Cargill to Cut Ties with Palm Oil NOW

“Two years ago, a toxic palm oil spill wreaked havoc on Guatemala’s Pasión River. The palm oil company REPSA was implicated in the disaster. When local communities fought back, they were met with violence — culminating in the murder of environmental activist Rigoberto Lima Choc and the kidnapping of three human rights defenders. To this day, no one has been held accountable. REPSA continues to operate freely. And any activist who dares to denounce the company’s activities faces intimidation, threats, defamation campaigns, and even assassination plots. Cargill needs to do more than pay lip service to human rights. It needs to stop supporting conflict palm oil now!”

Join the movement to stop our consumption of Conflict Palm Oil NOW. Sign the FOE Petition here!

Tell Democrats: It is time to fight back. We need Medicare for All.

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have delayed their Trumpcare push thanks to the massive grassroots pressure that you helped build. Now is the time for Democrats to go on the offensive with a real solution to our health care crisis that provides universal health care for all.” – Credo Action

Sign the petition here to stand together and fight for a medicare system that takes care of everyone.

Support Microloans in Haiti by Running this Summer

Run this summer between August 3-7th to help empower entrepreneurs living in poverty, all over the globe!

“Consider this: the average first microloan in Haiti can be as low as $25 and the average first microloan in Rwanda can be as low as $35. Your run registration fee can help an entrepreneur lift herself and her family out of poverty by starting her own small business.”

Visit the eventbrite page here for more information and details on how you can become involved today!

Help Promote Summer Meals for Kids in New York State

When the school year ends, kids and teens who rely on meals through their school can get healthy, no-cost summer meals and snacks in many communities across New York State. In partnership with the New York State Education Department, Hunger Solutions NY has created materials such as flyers and pocket cards, in English and Spanish, and site banners to help promote the Summer Food Service Program.

You can help spread the word by downloading the flyers or requesting complimentary copies in bulk, and posting where families gather. You can find summer meal sites, learn about hosting one, and get electronic and other outreach materials at

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