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Stand Against Jeff Sessions’ War on Drugs; Stop the Deregulation of Animal Welfare Rules; Puerto Rico in Their Time of Crisis; Call today to Support Organics; Say NO to Offshore Drilling; Protect Grand Canyon Watershed

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Spread the Word So We Can Stop this Anti-Marijuana Crusade 

Jeff Sessions is trying to restart another ‘war on drugs’ and this time its marijuana. We know that it is the low-income communities and communities of color mostly who suffer the consequences of our failed prohibition policies. Watch this fantastic award-winning documentary, 13th (2016), about the systematic oppression of communities of color happening in our country since slavery was abolished. Image result for marijuana presidents tried

Now, Move On members have been fighting in the Senate—introducing legislation that will end the prohibition of marijuana at the federal level: the Marijuana Justice Act. 

Sign and share the petition calling on your senators to support the Marijuana Justice Act. Will you watch and share this video explaining how Jeff Sessions’ anti-marijuana crusade is not only misguided, but will continue to be increasingly catastrophic?


Organic Consumers Association Asks Us to Stop Trump’s Attack on Organic’s Animal Welfare Rules!

chicks in cagesIf Trump’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) gets its way, organic egg producers won’t have to follow updated animal welfare rules—rules that the industry fought for, and that consumers overwhelmingly support. 

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT JANUARY 17: Stop Trump’s Attack on Organic’s Animal Welfare Rules! 

Trump’s USDA is ditching the Organic Livestock Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule, finalized in December 2017, that would have given organic egg-laying hens more space and access to the outdoors. Even worse, USDA officials are justifying the move, saying that the National Organic Program (NOP) doesn’t have the power to address “stand-alone animal welfare concerns.” 

Tell Your Senator: Support the Plan to Rebuild Puerto Rico

Image result for puerto rico jlo

Jennifer Lopez did not attend Sunday night’s Golden Globes because she has been in Puerto Rico doing relief work in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria . Three months after the devastating hurricane, there is still much to be done: One-third of the island’s power is still out, access to water remains limited, and thousands have been displaced from their homes.

“Months after Hurricane Maria, thousands of people in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are still without electricity, and many don’t have access to basic needs — including clean drinking water. 

Image result for bernie sanders and elizabeth warrenSenator Bernie Sanders has created a bill that will help Puerto Rico rebuild. The bill prevents privatization of Puerto Rico’s energy and prioritizes transitioning to renewable energy. In addition, it relieves Puerto Rico’s municipal debt and provides critical funding for infrastructure, which will help ensure clean drinking water for residents.” – Food and Water Watch NY

Take Action: Help make sure the people of Puerto Rico get access to clean water.

Farmers carrying organic squash during harvest in field on foggy fall morning

Farmers carrying organic squash during harvest. Thomas Barwick, Getty Images

Please make 3 Important Phone Calls Today to save this necessary program

The Organic Certification Cost-Share program helps organic farms stay in business and is especially important for small and mid-size farms. We need to support local, organic farms and our regional economies. Without adequate support, we will become increasingly reliant imports for organic food.
Congress is working on the Farm Bill NOW, and we have learned that Organic Certification Cost-Share programs could be cut if we do not take action.

Image result for phone call

Call Your Senators and Representative TODAY!  Call the Capitol Switchboard:   
202-224-3121 to contact your Senators and Representative  

   Find your Congressmember  

Help Protect Wildlife and our Water: Say NO to Offshore Drilling TODAYImage result for offshore drilling

“The Trump administration unveiled a plan Thursday to open vast new stretches of federal waters to oil and gas drilling, erasing the policies put in place by previous Democratic and Republican administrations and setting up a conflict with state governments fearful about the risk of spills.” – Ben Lefebvre, Politico, January 4, 2018

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Oiled By the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster (Photo: NOAA)

Offshore drilling is dangerous for our planet and the animals that live in our oceans. We know firsthand the cost — after 200 million gallons of oil were spilled in the Gulf of Mexico when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig caught first in 2010. Check out more from this Washington Post article.

After this spill, we saw sea turtles and dolphins covered in oil, increased dolphin deaths, and fewer Kemp’s sea turtle nests.

On February 15th, Food and Water watch will be hosting a free screening of “To the Ends of the Earth,” a powerful documentary about the dangers of extreme methods of drilling for fossil fuels. Fine more details on their Facebook page here

Protect the Grand Canyon by Chipping in Today!

“The Grand Canyon is no place for dangerous uranium mining. It’s a natural wonder that took millions of years to form, and is beyond breathtaking. It’s exactly the kind of place that we have a responsibility to preserve for future generations. But the Trump administration’s proposal would pave the way for uranium mining in more than 1 million acres of protected Grand Canyon watershed.” – Environmental Action, Boston-based nonprofit group

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