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Stand Up and Speak Out; Protect Clean Water, Air, and Soil; Help Fight Lateral Pipeline; Urge Retailers to Offer Healthier Checkout Options

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Stand Up and Speak Out For Clean Water, Air, and Soil

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“The Clean Water Rule was created after the EPA held more than 400 meetings with stakeholder groups across the country and published a combination of more than 1,200 studies in peer-reviewed scientific publications. The rule’s strong grounding in the Clean Water Act and reliance on the significant scientific evidence showed the need for strong and clear protections against pollution in America’s rivers, lakes, and waterways.” – Sierra Club

In recent news, such as Pruitt’s proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan, and the overall attack on our food system by way of corporate greed and takeover, the certainty of whether our government and legislative leaders are taking into consideration public interest is rather dubious. Yet, it is of utmost importance that we do not falter in our convictions, and instead remain steadfast in our practices for good, clean, and fair principles. Whatever your passions are and wherever your work takes you, please commit yourself to a grassroots movement, or a local community that is fighting for a specific cause. Check out the following Take Action items below to get started!

Also, my guest this week is Hartman Deetz who was a prominent member of the environmentalist and Native American group Idle No More, an organization working to protect our water, air, and soil. Tune into Progressive Radio Network this Thursday at 10 AM to hear our interview!

Tell DEC to fight fracked gas pipeline approved by Trump commission

“Things were looking up when New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner, Basil Seggos, denied a key permit for a pipeline set to fuel this power plant. Seggos’ move to protect clean water and air is now under threat from President Trump’s appointees. Earlier this month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), now led by a Trump appointee, overruled New York’s decision to deny the permit. This aggressive move imperils the rights of states to protect their local waters and communities.” – Riverkeeper

In response, Riverkeeper has filed a motion to intervene in the FERC proceeding. Sign your name here!!!

Add your comment: Don’t let Trump and Pruitt destroy Bristol Bay!

No to pebble mine

“Over time, negative environmental impacts on salmon streams can have a catastrophic domino effect on salmon populations and our commercial fishery.” -Commercial Fisherman for Bristol Bay

“Scott Pruitt cut a back-room deal with a coal company that would build the massive Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Watershed. This mine could generate dangerous waste, wipe out salmon streams and pollute surrounding wetlands, ponds and lakes.” – Friends of the Earth (FOE)

Help FOE reach 40,000 comments: Stop the EPA from greenlighting Pebble Mine!

Friends of the Earth Ask Us to Help Save the EPA

“Donald Trump is about to propose more massive cuts to the EPA. The cuts would gut water protections, support for state environmental programs, and the Superfund clean up program. Congress still has to sign off on these cuts — so we need your help to stop them!” Tell your Senators: Don’t gut the EPA!

Dance for Puerto Rico: Broadway Stars Lead Garjana Fundraiser for Hurricane

Join the happy-hour fundraiser “Garjana” to help hurricane survivors in the Caribbean. Led by Broadway stars, this immersive dance experience will raise support for relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Dominica through #GiveHealthy, Feeding America and World Food Program USA.

Find more information and event details here!

Please Urge Retailers to Offer Healthier Checkout Options

“Walmart has more than 3,000 supercenters across the country and controls one-fifth of the food retail market share. They should be a leader in offering healthier options at checkout. If you agree, add your name today.” – Center for Science in the Public InterestImage result for walmart check out healthy option

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