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Educational Workshops

iEat Green presents a number of educational workshops designed for the school community to educate students about why farms are important, where their food comes from, sustainable food practices and the preparation of healthy, delicious, real food.

Utilizing top curriculums in sustainable agriculture and drawing on her experience as an educator, iEat Green founder, Bhavani Jaroff, works with parents, scout leaders, wellness committees, and nutritionists to offer opportunities for young people to expand learning by developing real-life skills. Bhavani coordinates with teachers to target particular educational topics and provide students with an integrated, hands-on learning experience.

iEat Green offers internship opportunities for young adults interested in gaining hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture and the local food movement. Bhavani provides close supervision to interns in the garden and in the kitchen and serves as a mentor for interns beginning to participate in the larger sustainable food network.

Please contact us for more information about organizing an educational workshop or about current internship opportunities.

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