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Listen to Bhavani on NPR Talk about Healthy School Food

“President Trump plans to loosen Obama-era school lunch requirements, claiming they make it difficult for cooks to make lunches that kids want to eat. Bhavani Jaroff, chef, educator, food activist, and Daniel Giusti, former head chef of Noma and founder of Brigaid, discuss whether school lunch can follow federal guidelines, stay on budget, and be tasty, too.”

The Brian Lehrer Show, May 3, 2017

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Long Island Cares Celebrates World Food Day With Bhavani Jaroff

“For World Food Day 2017, Long Island Cares invited Bhavani Jaroff to our kitchen to demonstrate delicious meal prep and discuss clean eating. The talented chef, food educator, and radio host has been eating vegetarian since she was sixteen and working as a chef since college. While attending art school, Bhavani found her artistry in the kitchen. As one of the few vegetarians on campus, she found her meal plan was limited and took action to promote more flavorful choices for vegetarians on campus.”

Long Island Cares, October 2017. Read Full Article here.


Volunteer Opportunity for the Holidays

“For the past 20 years, Bhavani Jaroff and iEat Green have fed the homeless during the holiday season. Partnering with The River Fund-New York, a local food pantry feeding over 150,000 people annually, Jaroff organizes members of the local community to provide food at Rufus King Park, in Jamaica Queens.”

Natural Awakenings, November 2014

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 Serving Food With a Healthy Portion of Love

“For Bhavani, the link between cooking and social consciousness is deeply important. Since 1993, she has organized and served a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal to the homeless in Rufus King Park in Queens, NY. Last year, over 600 less fortunate people savored a feast prepared by 125 volunteers. This annual ritual is one that brings people together, volunteering their time and skills, in service to their community. Bhavani recognizes the sacred potential of food and cooking to bring people together, and to challenge social injustice, economic unfairness and food inequality.”

Lisa Levart, Huff Post, November 2013

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Newsday 2011 Saving the world one vegetable at a time

Saving the world one vegetable at a time

“Jaroff continues to bring her passion for teaching and food to students of all ages. For the past two years, a Girl Scout troop from Roslyn has come to her home in Old Westbury to learn to garden and cook. This summer, they plan to bring their harvest to a homeless shelter.”

Newsday, July 23, 2011 Read Article

Newsday Slow Food on Long Island

Slow-food movement grows on Long Island

“Bhavani Jaroff grills portabella mushrooms topped with goat cheese in the middle of a quaint garden off of Route 110 in Huntington Station. More than a dozen people watch her every move and take samples as she flips each mushroom flawlessly.”

Newsday, July 21,2011 Read Article


Catch Bhavani on News 12, talking about the realities of GMO foods and the medicinal qualities of ginger.

Bhavani on News 12

Small Farm Summit

April 15th, 2011 with Joel Salatin, keynote speaker, and Bhavani

iEat Green – Organic Ingredients Breakdown

iEat Green – Teacher and Students

Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin

Japanese Tofu and Vegetables with Sesame Udon Noodles

Feeding the Homeless 2011 iEat Green with Bhavani Jaroff


Arame Salad with Edamame


Cooking Demonstration with iEat Green



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