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Let Restaurants Know They’re Serving Up TOO Much Sodium; Be Loud and Proud, Support the Clean Power Plan

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Watch the MilliGrammy Awards and See What Salt is Served

table salt is the worst!

Article by HuffPost on how Table Salt is killing African Americans provides insight to different diets effecting different ethnicities differently.

WOW! You’ve got to watch this ‘awards ceremony’ for restaurant meals with eXtreme amounts of sodium

The winner’s (or losers, if you see it my way) have insanely high levels!!! Dining out to restaurants might be OK on occasion, however, this analysis of sodium in foods served is one more valid argument for why cooking at home is healthier. That is, to prevent health issues including chronic disease and high blood pressure.

“P.F. Chang’s Pad Thai with Shrimp was given the first-ever MilliGrammy for Sodium Content in a Single Menu Item. The dish has 5,250 milligrams of sodium. That’s more than a two-day supply. Or, as another Milligrammy presenter put it, the dish has the equivalent of some 26 carry-out packets of salt. P.F. Chang’s meal eclipsed competing items from The Cheesecake Factory and McDonald’s.” – Center for Science and Public Interest

Ask Chili’s to Reduce Dangerous Sodium Levels

Tell Trump’s EPA that YOU Support the Clean Power Plan!

Back in 2015, the Obama EPA claimed the Clean Power Act would save nearly $55 billion in the United States. Additionally, they cited a peer-study professing that the plan would prevent “more than 3,000 premature deaths each year from heart attacks, respiratory illnesses and other pollution-related health problems.” 
Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Trump administration has been able to instigate the rollback of the Clean Power Plan by directly challenging these purported health benefits. Whether or not the results of that study seem absurd to you, this repeal is no joking matter and the deregulation which threatens our society will have real consequence to public health and our quality of life. 
Sign your name here to help the NRDC reach 100,000 signatures in their petition to sound the alert to the Trump Administration that we support the Clean Power Plan. It is their duty to accept our cries for help and hear public comments. 


energy utility coal

Energy outlook past and near-term projection by the U.S. Electricity Information Administration.

Some good news: although Pruitt’s proposal to repeal the CPP was driven to ‘alleviate undue stress on the coal industry’, Reuters’ report announced shut downs in coal regardless. Even though coal has been a primary fuel source in the United States for nearly a century, it actually has “been declining since a peak 2007, around the same time drillers started pulling gas out of shale formations.”


Friends of the Earth Tell Congress: Puerto Rico needs immediate emergency relief!

“This year’s hurricane season has been historically destructive. It’s just the latest sign that our climate is changing — and it’s bound to get worse in years to come. Our elected officials can’t sit by and do nothing while superstorms devastate our communities. Let’s be strong in our support for those who need it most. Demand that Trump do more than mock the people of Puerto Rico by signing your name here!” – FOE

Enlist Your Energy Company to Join Sierra Club’s Partner Arcadia For Clean Energy

This month only, Arcadia Power is offering you $20 to enroll your local utility account to support clean energy. Any renter or homeowner can sign up (it only takes a couple minutes!).

“Just go to Arcadia Power’s website and sign up. There is nothing to install, there are no contracts, and your local utility still delivers the same reliable electricity. The only difference is your utility account will be linked to Arcadia Power’s clean energy platform, and your electricity will be matched with Green-e certified renewable energy credits (RECs) from wind farms every month.” – Sierra Club

It doesn’t get easier than this to join the clean energy movement at home.

Join by October 31st and a get $20 savings credit

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