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In the News: Students Demand Fossil Free Schools, Message From Robert Redford, How Are Your Elected Officials Voting on Food Policy?

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To Stop Climate Change, Students Aim at College Portfolios

College students on dozens of campuses are demanding that their school rids itself of university endowment funds of coal, oil and gas stocks. With the majority of colleges and universities across the nation invested in fossil fuels, divestment of corporations such as Exxon and Shell, which are fundamentally unethical,  could send a huge message to elected officials that tackling climate change is of utmost importance. By remaining financially tied to fossil fuel companies, our higher educational institutions will be aiding in the perpetual lack of significant discussion on global warming., along with their “Do the Math Tour“, is one of the many organizations urging students to begin local divestment initiatives. To learn more about what you can do, click here.

What if Everyone Saw This Message From Robert Redford?

Food Policy Scorecards for Congress Members

Last month Food Policy Action released a scorecard in a first ever effort to rank members of Congress based on how they vote on food policy. The scorecard is based on votes taken during the 112th Congress that had a bearing on such issues as food safety, hunger, farm subsidies, food labeling, organic food and local food systems. In the future, animal welfare and food industry consolidation will be added to the food issues that factor in the scoring.  This scorecard rates congress men and women on their food policy votes with percentage scores, and provides transparency to voters who wish to see how their elected officials are voting. To find out the food policy score of your representatives and senators, click here.

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