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In the News: Let’s Talk About Soil, Restaurants & Chefs Boycott to End Seal Slaughter

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Let’s Talk About Soil

The animated film below, Let’s Talk About Soil, was produced by designer and animator Uli Henrik Streckenbach for the first ever Global Soil Week, which was created to provide a platform to initiate follow-up actions on land and soil-related decisions made at the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference. Let’s Talk About Soil emphasizes human dependence on soils and describes how sustainable development is threatened by certain soil use trends; the film offers options to make the way we manage our soils more sustainable. Take a look!


Thousands of Restaurants and Grocery Stores Boycott to End Seal Slaughter

Over 6,000 North American restaurants and grocery stores are teaming up with The Humane Society of the United States by boycotting Canadian seafood products over the country’s annual seal hunt. Some of the national corporations that are participating in the ProtectSeals boycott of Canadian seafood include Whole Foods Markets, Ted’s Montana Grill, Trader Joe’s, BI-LO, WinCo Foods, Harris Teeter, The Fresh Market, Oceanaire Seafood Room, Bon Appetit Management Company and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafes and several well-know chefs such as Mario Batali and Cat Cora have also come forward in support. Canada’s commercial seal hunt is one of the largest slaughters of marine mammals on the planet, with nearly one million seals killed in the past five years alone with 97 percent of seals killed being pups younger than three months old.

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