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In the News: Raw Milk, Cell Phone Radiation, A New Generation of Farmers

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Every week my blog will also feature a post highlighting important news articles relevant to the current discussion of the sustainable food movement as well as other important environmental issues to which it relates.

Here are a few important stories this week:

Moms Risk Jail Over Lemonade or Milk!

Two groups of activists known as the Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Lemonade Freedom Day, are taking their raw milk and lemonade to the lawn of the US Capitol to celebrate what they call their right to “Voluntary exchange.” With the ridiculous shut downs of children’s lemonade stands and squat-style raids on small family farms, these mothers and other activists were inspired to take their message to the Capitol, where they plan to risk criminal charges, and possibly jail, by gathering for a picnic with these illicit foods on August 18th. I love it!!! It’s come to this!!!

A Call to Update Cell Phone Radiation Rules!

Washington D.C. – Federal cell phone radiation standards are outdated and may not protect public health, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in a report released the other day. Cell phone regulations are based on old science and outmoded assumptions, and are in serious need of an overhaul. The GAO recommends the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) formally reassess its current radio-frequency (RF) energy exposure limit, taking into account the effects on human health, the associated costs and benefits, and the opinions of relevant health and safety agencies, and revise the limit if necessary.

Sowing Seeds for a New Generation of Farmers

Do you know who grows your food? Chances are, it’s a farmer nearing retirement. A U.S. Department of Agriculture study shows that the average of the American farmer is 55 and climbing, young farmers under 25 are declining. This is no surprise, where land costs are high and few 20-somethings can scrape together the funds for land and equipment. A new program by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey and the Duke Farms Foundation, sees to reverse this trend by lending a hand – a patch of farmland to aspiring young farmers. That patch of land is the “incubator farm” being created at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, Somerset County. Beginning farmers accepted into the program can lease farmland at Duke Farms for below market rates. Barn space is included.


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