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iEat Green’s Interview with Dr. Barbara Katz Rothman, Author of, “A Bun in the Oven”, on the Progressive Radio Network

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Hi All,

If you missed my interview with Barbara Katz Rothman, PhD, this past Thursday, you can listen to it in the link below. We had a great conversation about the parallels between the birthing movement and the food movement. Both the business of being born, and the business of feeding ourselves has been taken over by big corporations, whether it be the medical, pharmace9781479882304_Fullutical or insurance associations or the industrial agricultural, bio-technical or grocery associations, and we need to take it back! Both of these grassroots movements are working hard to bring the power back to the individual, and it starts with educating the public, and raising awareness about the problems. Dr. Katz Rothman’s book does just that, while looking at some of the historical patterns, the similarities and the differences of the two movements. It is a thought provoking, and motivating book that I highly recommend.

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