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iEat Green Visits the Farmers Market in Pinecrest; Leah Lizarondo, Co-Founder of 412 Food Rescue Joins iEat Green on the Progressive Radio Network

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Hi Everyone,

I was in Florida this past week visiting my dear friend, and we took a stroll to the local Farmers Market. Wow! It is amazing how different the local produce can be, from one state to another. I took a few photos to share with you. First, check out this giant, prehistoric looking egg! Its a Jack Fruit! They were making smoothies with it at the market! You won’t find one of those at my Farmers Market. Next to it was Dragon Fruit, and Sweet Rambutan. The colors and textures were spectacular! I wish I had had more time to experiment with the many varieties of unfamiliar fruit! Then there was the Passion Fruit and the Annona, also known as sour apple. I felt like I was in another country! What fun!

This week, my guest on the Progressive Radio Network is , the Co-Founder and CEO of 412 Food Rescue. 412 Food Rescue is a non profit organization working to eliminate hunger and promote a healthy environment, by rescuing viable food about to go to waste and redirecting it to nonprofits that serve those who are food insecure. They have developed an app which matches up food ready to be donated with beneficiaries, and works with a network of volunteers, ready to do the pick up.

Leah is an active advocate for food, health and innovation. She has also trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and received her Certification in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University. The Brazen Kitchen, Leah’s blog and Pittsburgh Magazine column, won the 2013 National City & Regional Magazine Awards. She serves as Editor-at-Large for NEXTpittsburgh and her work has been featured in print and online publications including MSN’s Re:Discover SeriesNPR,, and GOOD Magazine online. In April 2014, she gave the TEDx Talk, “Why the Farm Is Not Getting to the Table.”  Please join me on Thursday, and find out how Leah is changing the landscape for the food insecure in Pittsburgh!

Remember, my show is recorded live, every Thursday, from 10-11 am, EST.  To tune in, navigate to and click the “Listen Live” button on the left. Also try downloading the PRN mobile app, and take the station with you wherever you go! If you want to call in during the show with any questions for me or my guest, the call in number is 888-874-4888.

If you can’t tune in at that time, you can listen to the show in the PRN archives, or through a direct phone line to my archives. Just dial 1-701-719-0880, and you can listen to the past 5 weeks of shows! Of course you can also access the shows through my website, or through iTunes. Please “like” iEat Green’s Facebook page and feel free to rate the show and leave comments on iTunes and on my website. Thank you all for your support.

With love and gratitude,



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