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iEat Green Shares Interview with Nancy Romer, about the Sandy5 March

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Hi Everybody,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing long time activist, Nancy Romer, about the upcoming Sandy5 March, scheduled for October 28th. For those of you wondering why my announced guest, Lierre Keith was not on my show, she needed to cancel for health reasons, and will reschedule. So I made a switch, and Nancy Romer stepped up to the plate. Nancy has been working in the feminist, anti-racist, public higher education, union and climate justice movements for her whole adult life. She was a professor of psychology for 42 years at Brooklyn College until she retired three years ago, started the Brooklyn College Community Partnership that serves over 1500 youth each semester from under-served Brooklyn high schools and middle schools, and was the founder of the Brooklyn Food Coalition. She was on the steering committee of the Peoples Climate March-NY and is an organizer of the Sandy 5 March, which is coming up on October 28th, on the heels of 3 major hurricanes. The purpose of the Sandy5 March is to put pressure on our elected officials to enact regulations that will help protect us from climate change, and move us toward a future of 100% renewable energy. We need to raise the awareness of the emergency situation we are facing, and that the future of the entire human race depends on mitigated the causes of climate change and reversing the warming of our planet. We owe this to our children and grandchildren, and our elected officials need to put the interest of their constituents before those of corporations and profits.

Please join us for the Sandy5 March on October 28th at 11am. People will be meeting in front of Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, then marching over the Brooklyn Bridge, and rallying in front of Alfred E. Smith houses in Manhattan. I will be marching with the Food and Farm Contingent. Please consider joining us and helping to make this march a huge success! If you missed our interview, you can listen to it below!


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