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iEat Green Shares Interview with Lierre Keith, Author of “The Vegetarian Myth”

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Hi All,

Yesterday I had a wonderful interview with Lierre Keith, about her life as a vegan, and then her journey back to making herself healthy. She has documented it all in her new book, The Vegetarian Myth; Food Justice, and Sustainability. I always say that no one diet is good for everyone, and everyone has to find out for themselves what works, and what makes them feel good. Food so often is a balancing act, and discovering which foods work well with your body can be a challenge. A Vegan diet is thought to be healthy, but according to Lierre, it was devastating for her. Personally, I prefer using the term “plant based diet” as opposed to a “vegan diet”, because vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Bagels, pasta, chips, cookies, sugar and even soda, can be a part of a vegan diet, as long as it doest contain animal products. On the other hand, a “plant based diet” is a diet made up of mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with little to no, processed foods. Lierre was on a vegan diet for over 20 years, and she identified with, and felt passionate about her veganism, but she was not feeling well. She did not want to believe that her diet was the cause of her ailments, but after switching to a diet high in animal products and fat, she is convinced that a high carbohydrate diet is what made her sick.  She has done extensive research as to why that is, and it is all documented in her book, The Vegetarian Myth. Lierre also explains why it is so important to eat only animal products that are raised in a sustainable way, and that are allowed to live in pasture. She recommends the website,, to locate good quality meat near where you live. If you missed my interview with Lierre, you can listen to it here. It is a fascinating story of how one diet doesn’t work for everyone.


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