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Help Save the EPA; Protect the Hungry; Irma Floods Impacts Environment and Economy

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Help save the EPA from Trump and his Big Oil cronies

Image result for trump noRelated image“Donald Trump is about to propose more massive cuts to the EPA. The cuts would gut water protections, support for state environmental programs, and the Superfund clean up program.” – Friends of the Earth

Keep up to date with the FOE Take Action Center here!

Help Fight President Trump’s Attack on Food, Farms, and Kids

Image result for environmental protection“President Trump’s proposed budget is a huge threat to proven food and farm programs that support public health, help farmers, and keep farm pollution out of our drinking water. Slashing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) would lead to hunger and suffering for millions of Americans. Cuts to research and conservation programs would deny farmers the science they need to maintain profitability while adapting to the harsh realities of a changing climate, and would leave our water more at risk from farm pollution.” – Union of Concerned Scientists

Visit their Take Action page here!

EPA Grants Electric Utilities A Break From Irma

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted all Florida power plants a “no action assurance” on Monday as the state tries to turn the lights back on post-Hurricane Irma.”

The waiver, given at the request of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and effective through Sept. 26, allows the utilities “to operate without meeting all pollution controls in order to maintain the supply of electricity to customers and critical facilities across the state as a result of Hurricane Irma,” EPA said. – Eco Watch

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