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Eating Green with Bhavani: Greetings from Europe!

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Hi All,

Well, I arrived in Dusseldorf yesterday for Glass Tec, which is a trade show with the latest and most innovative technologies in glass. My husband and I have been coming here every two years, for the past twelve years, for this bi-annual event. At this point, we look forward to not only seeing what is at the show, but to see our international friends, who we have met over the years, and who we continue to meet here, year after year, to exchange ideas and to share some delicious beer!

Autumn root vegetables at a farmer’s market in Paris

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Terra Madre, where I will meet a whole different group of people from around the world, who share a passion for good, clean, fair and delicious food! My husband will be joining me this year, and I look forward to sharing this experience with him. We will be staying with the same wonderful hosts that I stayed with two years ago, along with another visitor of Terra Madre. Ann, my Slow Food co-chair, and her husband, along with Yolanda, my past intern and a Slow Food member, will be meeting us here and sharing in the experience. Together, we  look forward to bringing the flavor of Terra Madre back to Huntington, to enliven our local Slow Food chapter, and to celebrate our US Terra Madre Day on December 9th at the Cinema Arts Centre with many of you! Stay tuned for more information on that!