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Demand Clean Air NOW; Stop Construction of Pipelines and Help to Resist Big Oil; Together We Can Move Away From Fracking; Label GMO’S; Protect Bees from Pesticides

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Keep Clean Air a Priority for Our Children and the Earth: Take Action NOW

Image result for methane pollutionEarlier this month, a federal court of appeals blocked a 90-day stay of certain parts of the rule, but the EPA is still trying to implement a two-year delay. Urge Scott Pruitt to withdraw this proposal and enforce the methane pollution standards. Learn more or get involved now and sign the petition here!

When polluters from Big Oil and Big Ag release methane,

  • They release tons of other dangerous gases and chemicals as well, like benzene and volatile organic compounds.
  • They produce ozone, which has been proven to cause long-term health problems like asthma and even cancer.
  • They put pregnant women at risk. A study in Colorado showed that babies whose mothers lived near natural gas plants had an increased risk of heart and nervous system defects.

The EPA’s standards represent an important step toward protecting the health and safety of communities and workers, reducing missed school days for students* with asthma and cutting healthcare costs and emergency room visits. Delaying these protections is a blatant giveaway to oil and gas interests at the expense of public health. Tell EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to leave these essential safeguards in place!

*According to Earthjustice, Children miss 500,000 days of school each year due to ozone smog resulting from methane pollution. In the summertime, children suffer 750,000 asthma attacks due to ozone smog resulting from oil and gas pollution.

Tell Administrator Scott Pruitt that the EPA’s delay on the methane rule is a direct assault on American people and the climate.

“When it comes to climate change, methane is 84 times as potent as carbon dioxide as a heat-trapping gas over a 20-year period. We are already seeing the very real impacts of climate change throughout the country…There are already low-cost and effective ways that these companies could capture methane before it leaks into the environment. Rolling back these protections would be a blatant giveaway to oil and gas interests today at the expense of generations to come.” – Union of Concerned Scientists

Image result for fossil fuelTell the Senate: Reject the Smoggy Skies Act

NRDC joins the fight to take action and tell the EPA: Don’t Stall Methane Pollution Protections! Sign here to add your voice today!

Stop the Keystone Pipeline from Moving Forward

Also, learn about the state of America’s drinking water here. Share and spread the knowledge about contaminants in your water and find the right filter to help protect you and your family here on the Environmental Working Group web page.

Protest Goldman Sachs Pipeline Conference!Image result for fossil fuel

That’s rights, Goldman Sachs is convening a conference for the corporations that invest in pipeline construction and the fossil fuel industry. The people profiting off of the pipelines that tear through Indigenous communities while damaging water and air quality and feeding the climate crisis are gathering here in NYC on Thursday. Goldman Sachs is hosting this private conference that will bring together major investors in order to beef up financing for projects like the Dakota Access, Pilgrim Pipeline, Keystone XL pipeline, and others.

When: Thursday, August 10th, 8:30 to 9:30 am
Where: 200 West St., downtown Manhattan


The Peoples Climate Movement NY is joining with NY Communities for Change, American Indian Community House, 350NYC, Sane Energy Project, Food and Water Watch NY, Grassroots Action and other groups to send a clear message: Goldman Sachs must stop financing oil, gas, coal, and pipelines! Join at the bank’s HQ to stand with indigenous leaders. We know that #WaterIsLife and we #StandWithStandingRock

Please RSVP on this Facebook page to join us on Thursday, August 10th at 8:30am at Goldman Sachs HQ at 200 West Street!

Image result for nyc protestJoin the Grassroots Movement and Let US Get OFF Fossil Fuels

“Local campaigns are how we’re going to win. You and members of your community hold the keys to making real change. That’s why we’ve opened up our tools and trainings to build a volunteer-powered movement and to offer real support to folks across the country who want to take a stand against the impacts of climate change in their community. The ball is in your court.” – Food and Water Watch

Will you sign up here to volunteer to move OFF Fossil Fuels?




Tell the USDA: QR code labels aren’t good enough! We need clear labels, right on the package, stating whether or not the product contains GMOs!

Monsanto and other junk food and chemical companies are pushing for this non-labeling because they know most Americans don’t want to eat GMO’s. These companies are aiming to protect their profits no matter what the cost to our health or environment. Together we can help to stop them. Sign the Friends of the Earth petition here!!!

Help Protect Bees from Pesticides!

Last month, Friends of the Earth delivered 415,000 petition signatures — including mine — to Kroger’s CEO, Rodney McMullen. They called on him to stop selling food grown with bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides…McMullen’s said Kroger is monitoring the science around these pesticides and that he will follow the direction of the EPA.

But you and I know, the science is already clear. Neonics harm and kill bees. Bees are essential for one out of three bites of food we eat. Kroger must stop contributing to the bee crisis.

Tell Kroger’s CEO: Stop selling food grown with bee-killing pesticides NOW!

Tell your Representative: Support the Saving America’s Pollinators Act!Image result for bee pollinator

Support is growing in Congress for reining in pesticide companies like Bayer. Now, we need you to push your Representative to do more to save bees from these toxic pesticides.

Tell your Representative to protect bees by cosponsoring the Saving America’s Pollinators Act! Share and sign up here!


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