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iEat Green Shares Interview with Eric-Holt Gimenez

Eric-Holt Gimenez was my guest this past Thursday, and before we began our interview we shared a moment of appreciation for Frances Lappe, whose royalties from Diet for a Small Planet actually funded the humble beginnings of Food First.  Eric Holt-Giménez, who has … Read More

iEat Green Shares Interview with Susan Futrell, Author of Good Apples

Hi All, My interview last Thursday with Susan Futrell, author of Good Apples; Behind Every Bite, was so informative and delightful. Susan is a life long supporter of organic foods and has been working with non profits and food businesses … Read More

iEat Green Shares Interview with Anna Lappe

Hello Everyone! Today I had an awesome interview with Anna Lappe, the co-founder of Real Food Media and the Small Planet Institute. The work they are doing is in total alignment with everything I have been working on, from educating … Read More

New England’s Farm to Institution Network Director Joined Bhavani on PRN

Hi All, Yesterday, in recognition of National Farm to School Month, I invited Peter Allison from Farm to Institution New England (FINE) to join me on my radio show to talk about the local food movement, and to hear what their … Read More

iEat Green Shares Interview with ‘The Bug Chef’

Last week, I interviewed David George Gordon; a chef and an award-winning author who lives in Seattle, WA and sources many of his choice cooking ingredients from around the world. Gordon, “The Bug Chef” is renown for his popular cooking demos using crickets, ants, grasshoppers, centipedes, and his own personal favorite, the … Read More

iEat Green Shares Interview with Hartman Deetz of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

Hi All, I just finished interviewing Hartman Deetz, and I am disgraced. I am embarrassed to be a part of a nation that treats it’s indigenous people so poorly. We have all heard of the struggle going on in North Dakota … Read More

iEat Green Shares Interview with Nancy Romer, about the Sandy5 March

Hi Everybody, Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing long time activist, Nancy Romer, about the upcoming Sandy5 March, scheduled for October 28th. For those of you wondering why my announced guest, Lierre Keith was not on my show, she … Read More

iEat Green Shares Interview with Steven Cecchini from LI Activists

Hi All, If you missed my interview on Thursday with Steven Cecchini, please check it out! We had a very interesting conversation about the  New York Health Act, which passed earlier this year in the Democratic-led Assembly. It still needs … Read More

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