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iEat Green Looks at Capitalism in Our Food System and Land Justice Issues; Dan Marek from Whole Kids Foundation Joins Bhavani on PRN

Hi All, I just returned home from Food First‘s launch of their new book, Land Justice: Re-Imagining Land, Food, and the Commons. It was an evening of story telling; true tales about acquiring land in this country and the power … Read More

iEat Green Takes a Look at Regenerative Agriculture; Holistic Nutritionist, Jodie Lindsay Popma, Joins Bhavani on PRN

Hi All, As the damage in Florida from Hurricane Irma is being accessed, Texas is still cleaning up from Hurricane Harvey, Mexico is digging out from the earthquake, and fires are raging out of control in Oregon, we are watching … Read More

iEat Green Plants for the Fall; Chef Steven Satterfield, and Author of “Root to Leaf” Joins Bhavani on the Progressive Radio Network

Hi Everyone, As summer winds down and the evenings begin to cool, it’s time to harvest much of my garden, and to plant my vegetables for the Fall. I’ve harvested all of my basil and made pesto to last me … Read More

iEat Green is Focusing Inward; Laura Shapiro, Food Historian Joins Bhavani on PRN!

Hi Everyone, As summer comes to an end, and life takes on new beginnings, I wish you all a wonderful journey in what ever you choose to pursue! Life can be so busy and it’s easy for me to feel … Read More

iEat Green Celebrates Peaches! Steve Brescia Joins Bhavani on PRN, to Discuss the New Book, “Fertile Ground” and the Work of Groundswell International

Hi Everyone, I spent the whole day harvesting peaches and turning them into cobbler. I’ve written about my peach tree before, and the fact that I am still getting peaches from this tree is amazing. My tree has been infested … Read More

iEat Green Shares Salad Making Skills with the Folks at Orkestai Farm; Pascale Naessens, Belgium Chef and Author of “Pure Pascale, Pure and Simple” Joins Bhavani on PRN

Hi Everybody, Today I had the pleasure of sharing my passion for cooking and eating real foods with the Orkestai Farm community. I was asked to come to the farm and demonstrate easy recipes that could be made from the … Read More

iEat Green is Focusing on the Essentials; Al Gore’s New Sequel; Michael Vitti, President of Concerned LI Mountain Bicyclist Joins Bhavani on PRN to Talk About Their Advocacy Work

Hi Everyone, I missed writing my blog last week, because I was mourning the passing of my very dear friend. During times like these, we need to let go of all the things we think we need to do, and … Read More

iEat Green Uses Food as a Spiritual Path; Grace Gershuny, Author of “Organic Revolutionary” and An Organic Pioneer Will Join Bhavani on PRN

Hi All, As I find myself sitting with my very dear friend nearing the end of life as we know it, I can’t help reflecting on the spiritual journey we have shared together. She is my spiritual sister. We have … Read More

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