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Tell the EPA We Need to Protect Clean Air; Help Resist Changes To SNAP Benefit Program; Call Cuomo and Say NO to GMO;

Tell the EPA to Stop Delaying Clean Air Protections Methane is a potent climate pollutant that traps over 80 times more heat on our planet than carbon dioxide, and the oil and gas industry is the largest producer of this … Read More

New House Budget Impacts Food Security; What You Need to Know About Toxicities Found in Baby Food; How Tech is Changing the Food Workforce

In the next ten years, Trump’s administration is proposing to slash federal spending on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by increasing eligibility requirements and by imposing additional work requirements. The total expected cuts is $193 billion, more than 25 … Read More

iEat Green Shares Interview with Rene Rodriques, the Owner and Chef at Tawa Restaurant in Peru

Hi Everybody, I had a wonderful interview this week with Chef Rene Rodriguez, the owner of Tawa Restaurant in Yucay, Peru. I met Chef Rene this past Spring, when I took a vegetarian cooking class with him at his beautiful … Read More

Vegetable Curry Quinotto

Image for Vegetable Curry Quinotto

Vegetable Curry Quinotto To serve 4 to 6 1 cup red and white quinoa ( ½ cup each) 1 onion, chopped 6 cloves garlic, minced 1” piece ginger, grated 2 carrots, diced 1 organic yellow pepper, diced 2 cups small … Read More

iEat Green Returns From Slow Food Nations; Chef Rene Rodriquez from Peru’s Sacred Valley, Joins Bhavani on PRN!

Hi All, I am just returning from a 4 day weekend in Denver, CO, where myself and other members of the Slow Food Community from the USA and around the world, convened for Slow Food Nations, which was a weekend of … Read More

An Inconvenient Sequel; Resist the Dakota XL Pipeline; Stop Bee-Killing Pesticides from Sale NOW

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power explores where we are in our climate fight a decade later, just how close we are to a real energy revolution and what we still need to do on the international, state and local … Read More

Hello My Name is Microbiome; SNAP Cuts Affecting Americans; Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Hello My Name is MicroBiome: How Bacteria is Life Taking the Time to Get To Know Your Micro-biome can be just as important if not more important to living healthfully as understanding what food you eat day to day, and/or where it … Read More

Listen to My Interview with Josh Morgenthau from Fishkill Farms!

Hi All, My guest this week on the Progressive Radio Network was Josh Morgenthau,  the owner and operator of Fishkill Farm in the Hudson Valley of New York. We had a great conversation about his farm, what they grow and … Read More

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