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Animal Welfare Awareness Spreads; Food Rescue Success Stories

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Advocates Push to Extend Animal Welfare Act of 1966 in Federal Agencies

Right now, an important battle is taking place for basic animal welfare protections in federal agencies. That is, we need to ask for more transparency to ensure sufficient steps are being taken to (in the least) minimize the amount of pain and suffering of farm animals being used to test for arguably dangerous desires. Since the New York Times posted an article in 2015 and another last week, asserting the mistreatment of farm animals including cows and sheep, animal rights activists along with agricultural researchers have started to speak up and retaliate against the irresponsible and indifferent approach to animal welfare by federal researchers.

The proposed bill, called the Aware Act, is designed to close the loophole in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) which “excludes farm animals used in agricultural research at federal facilities from the basic humane standards of care prescribed in the law.” This bipartisan legislation was introduced in Feb. 2015 by Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), however, has not been active since then. Spread the word about what’s happening now in Nebraska! Let us work together to raise the awareness and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering to all sentient beings everywhere.

‘Food Rescue’ Models Success in Sustainability and Improving Public Health

In Colorado Springs, a three-year old nonprofit hit their mark for saving 30,000 pounds of fresh, healthy food every month for those living in areas where there is limited access to fruit and vegetable produce. Colorado Springs Food Rescue has been working tirelessly on research, school projects, and grocery programs to collaborate and create more opportunities for people of low-income status to have access to fresh, healthy food. Food insecurity is a multi-layered issue which requires community-driven effort and donor support. As some of you may already have experienced with iEat Green and the River Fund NY, serving up hot, holiday meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas in  Rufus King Park, Queens, involves numerous individuals and organizations deciding to put their best foot forward to help those without. Community Solidarity is another non-profit organization doing incredible work, right here on Long Island. Their “Food Rescue” model is amazing! It ihempstead_food_sharenvolves many volunteers rescuing food from our local Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and other markets and farms, that would otherwise be thrown out, and sharing it with members of our community who are living in under-served communities. They don’t share junk food, because they want to promote  nutritious organic produce, whole grains, and unprocessed groceries items. Upholding the motto that Healthy Food is a given Human Right is paramount to the mission of Community Solidarity. To find amazing models right in your own communities, all you have to do is look!



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