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An Interview with Caryn Hartglass & Our Global Kitchen

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Hi Everyone,

My guest this week on The Progressive Radio Network is a fellow PRN host, Caryn Hartglass. Caryn is a vegan and the founder of REAL (Responsible Eating and Living), an organization that delivers easy to use, factual information and services on the benefits of whole, plant-based foods and planet-friendly products. We thought it would be a wonderful experience to have each other on each other’s show. This past week, I ran into Caryn at the launch party of Foodopoly, Wenonah Hauter’s new book, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to talk more about the issues that were brought up in the book. Please join us on Thursday, as I interview her, and please go into the archives and listen to my interview with her from this past Tuesday, January 15th.

Then on Thursday night, I attended the discussion “How to Feed Our Growing Planet”, at the American Museum of Natural History. It was an event as part of the exhibition “Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture” at the museum, which you should not miss! It was so interesting to hear 3 different perspectives on the global food issues, all coming to the same conclusion. Raj Patel, a food activist, professor, and author, was bringing light to the myths on hunger and us not having enough food, while Molly Jahn, a geneticist from the University of Madison-Wisconsin, was bringing a more scientific view. Her perspective from the scientific view was looking at the reality of where we are today in regards to climate change and food yields as compared to where we came from and how it will look in the future. Her M.O. was “can we live within our means?” Lastly, Marcus Samuelsson, owner of the Red Roster restaurant in Harlem, brought his warm perspective on food as a means to build community and as a spiritual act. He suggested we need to look at other “third world” cultures to learn from them, how to bring a more spiritual aspect into our food, both in growing the food, preparing the food, and eating the food. I felt that they all “got it!” and I really enjoyed the presentation.

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In peace and love,

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